Miami United post-game Q&A with the New York Cosmos

12516806_10154172220756091_415108921_oThe Cosmos defeated Miami United by a score of 3-0 on Wednesday night. Shortly after, journalist Arthur Guisasola of AS TV was able to grab some interviews with Giovanni Savarese, Juan Arango, Yohandry Orozco, Carlos Mendes, and Andres Flores. You can watch the original interviews in Spanish on the link above. Arthur was kind enough to share the English transcripts with us.

Giovanni Savarese

GS – “Last season was Marcos Senna and Raul’s last season with the team, but this year the Cosmos have Juan Arango. Every year is different. We had the luxury of having Marcos Senna for three years and Raul for a season. They are irreplaceable players that gave a lot to the club, players who made me grow as a coach. Now we were lucky to bring Juan Arango, a great player who will give us different things. We just started the preseason and we want to win important things in this tournament.”

AG – “How do you motivate a team that always wants to win?”

GS – “Our boys are very excited to do great things this season, to work hard as a family. That’s the way we always do things here in the Cosmos. For me, the important thing is to win the first game and then the second. From there, we go slowly, building what will be the season.”

AG – “How do you see the current state of Venezuelan soccer?”

GS – “It’s a difficult moment; we would have to talk very carefully. I hope that football in my country can improve and overcome all obstacles.”

AG – “Would you like to be the coach of Venezuela one day?”

GS – “We’ll see in the future. We have to wait.”

Juan Arango

AG – “How did you sign for the Cosmos?”

JA – “It’s mainly because of the relationship and friendship I have with Gio. We played together in the national team since 1999, and we also played in Caracas FC. He told me about the possibility of coming to play New York Cosmos and I was delighted to come.”

AG – “You’ve played in big leagues around the world such as the German, Spanish and Mexican leagues. What does it mean to come and play in the NASL in the United States?”

JA – “It’s a very important challenge. The team was champion last season and that is the challenge, to be champions again. That is the goal and my goal is to help the team.”

AG – “Last year the team had Senna and Raul, but this season things change.”

JA – “Yes, I would have liked to play with them. Raul and I have a good relationship from when we were playing in Germany. I would have liked to play with them.”

AG – “Talk to me about the superiority of Mexican teams in the CONCACAF Champions League.”

JA – “Yes, there is a clear superiority of Mexican teams in CCL, but on the national team level, the opposite happens. MLS football has risen a lot, but the Mexican teams have more experience in this type of competition.”

AG – “What is the state of Venezuelan football?”

JA – “It’s a little complicated internally and football-wise, but at the individual level there are important players. On the Cosmos, it is important for me to have a Venezuelan player and a fellow Venezuelan coach. It is important that many of my colleagues speak Spanish.”

AG – “Are you still thinking about retiring in Venezuela?”

JA – “I’m still not sure. Maybe I’ll sign for a team from the same city where I am from, or a club that is near, so I can be close to family. It’s almost certain, actually, for sure that I’ll retire in Venezuela.”

Yohandry Orozco

AG – “How did you sign for the Cosmos?”

YO – “My agent, Salvador Maestro, talked to Giovanni Savarese and reached an agreement to make everything a success and now I’m here at the NY Cosmos”

AG – “What’s it like playing alongside Juan Arango?”

YO – “It’s pretty important to me because his presence can help me regain the level I have lost. There are many players who speak Spanish and that’s the most important thing, besides being next to a former captain of Venezuela and learning from him is wonderful. I want to get good results and be a champion with the Cosmos.”

AG – “What is the objective of this season for you?”

YO – “The goal is that we become champions and make the fans happy. I am here to contribute, after not playing for six months due to problems with my previous team in Saudi Arabia.”

AG – “Are you fit for the season?”

YO – “I thank the New York Cosmos for giving me the opportunity. I’m recovering and I hope to be on top, so I can go to a more demanding club and win many things in this life.”

Carlos Mendes

AG – “You’re the captain of a team with a lot of history.”

CM – “It’s a grand honor to captain this team because it has a great history. Now we need to work hard to make this club even bigger.”

AG – “Objective of the season?”

CM – “We want to win again. We know we have to work a lot, but it’ll be very difficult. I think this year will be harder than last year, but we want to repeat the success of last season. Arango and Orozco have come to the team. They’re great players who will help this team. But they’re also great people, which is very important. We have a very strong team, lots of talents, but we have to see how hard we’ll work.”

AG – “What is the strongest team in the NASL?”

CM – “All the games in the NASL are hard. But this year, I think teams like Miami, Tampa or Fort Lauderdale will be difficult, and Ottawa, of course.”

AG – “Would you rather represent Portugal or the USA?”

CM – “Portugal because my family and my blood is Portuguese. They have a great national team, but it’s a very difficult question. I think I’d play for Portugal.”

Andres Flores

AG – “How’d you make the decision of playing the NASL final with the Cosmos and not going with the El Salvador call-up?”

AF – “It was a decision we made together, between the club, the people who run the team and me. I had not been training 100% due to injury. We talked with those involved and made the best decision, which was to stay with the Cosmos.”

AG – “What does it mean to be called up to the national team?”

AF – “Yes, I want to be part of the national team. For me, it is an honor to participate and to play games with my country. The problem was that I was not physically well, and to be honest, it was only fair to let other players represent El Salvador at that time.”

AG – “You’re one of the captains of the Cosmos.”

AF – “Yes they have given me confidence. The preseason has gone well, I’m happy for what we are doing, but the important thing is to be in top form when the season starts. That’s when you will know if all you’re doing [to prepare] has been right.”

AG – “What does playing with Juan Arango feel like?”

AF – “I learned a lot with Marcos [Senna] and Raul, now I will with Juan [Arango] who is a great person and professional. I try to learn from all that they have done. I’m very happy to be here.”

AG – “What is the objective this season?”

AF – “The goal is to be champions again and personally, to add many minutes on the pitch and give the best that I can give.”

AG – :What is your message to the fans?”

AF – “To ask hat they continue to support us as always and that we have to give it our all to make them happy.”

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