New York Cosmos welcomed to Coney Island by Brooklyn community

[Photo: Eytan Calderon/TICC]

Despair. Uncertainty. Questions. Grief. For a portion of the New York Cosmos offseason, this was what fans of the team experienced as it seemed likely the club would fold. Even after the takeover of the club by Rocco Commisso, the question remained about what the Cosmos would look like this season.

But, on Monday night, a community welcomed the club to its newest home as energy and excitement took over the night, highlighting a new day that lay ahead for the boys in green.

Nearly 600 people gathered as the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce officially welcomed the New York Cosmos to MCU Park in Brooklyn with an event in Gargiulo’s Italian Restaurant at Coney Island.

Rocco Commisso and the New York Cosmos presented with a citation from Mark Treyger and the City Council [Photo: Eytan Calderon/TICC]

“So, you know that the Cosmos are something special when you have the Parachute Jump already lit in the Cosmos colors, am I right?” asked Mark Treyger, Council Member for the 47th District representing several neighborhoods, including Coney Island. He later presented a citation from the New York City Council to the Cosmos.

“This will be a sport and this will be a franchise that will inspire young, old, and all in between. Here’s to much success to the New York Cosmos in Coney Island, Brooklyn!” he thundered on.

“Brooklyn Cosmos” branded Inaria kit [Photo: Steve Hamlin/TICC]

The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce later presented Cosmos Chairman Rocco Commisso with a suggestive gift, a “Brooklyn Cosmos” jersey.

Head Coach and Sporting Director Giovanni Savarese commented on the energy in the room as he reminisced on his first time going to Brooklyn.

“It is amazing the energy already that we can feel tonight in this room. Everyone has come here to support us. It reminds me of the first day when I came here to Brooklyn, as well. I went to Long Island University and I’m glad to be back here in Brooklyn seeing so many familiar faces, so many friends, so many people.”

[Photo: Eytan Calderon/TICC]

The coach was showered with praise from Joe Barone, Affiliates Club Manager.

“To my brother, Giovanni Savarese, thank you,” he said. “You’ve given us three championships in four years. You got style, my friend. You know how to run that locker room.”

Barone went on to talk about the Cosmos organization who took in people from around the world, people who’d become locals working to better a New York institution.

“Rocco who came from the Bronx [after immigrating from Italy] and attended Columbia University. Giovanni Savarese who came from Venezuela and attended Long Island University. Joe Barone who came from Sicily and attended St. Francis College. We are local people who want to build something here locally in Brooklyn and the message is support the New York Cosmos right here in Coney Island.”

Savarese went on to express how the roster reflected New York through its diversity.

“…a group of players that represent New York because of its diversity. We have right now on our team African players, local players, South American players, Ukrainian (which will be signed soon). So many different pieces, which is exactly what Brooklyn and New York City is all about.”

The parallel themes of homecoming and housewarming were prevalent throughout the night but, perhaps more importantly, so was the one of support and excitement for the 2017 season.

[Photo: Eytan Calderon/TICC]

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  1. I am full of happy emotions!… I wish I was there last night, celebrating this momentous occasion with all who love and support our beloved club.. I love the parachute lit in the cosmos colors…Forevergreen!!
    Tio Hugo

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