Once In A Lifetime No Longer: New Cosmos TV Show in the works

12516222_10154197467251091_300570284_nThe documentary “Once In A Lifetime” is a must watch for any Cosmos fan, but it soon may not be the only piece of video about the boys in green.

According to an article on Deadline, a TV drama focusing on the NASL and Cosmos of the 1970s has recently been announced by London based production company Rohan Media and Primary Wave.

Interestingly enough, the son of former Cosmos owner and chairman of Warner Brothers Communications Steve Ross, Mark Ross, is one of the producers. In addition, former Cosmos captain and defender Werner Roth is listed as an executive producer.

The show is said to cover the teams rise out of mediocrity to world recognition through the business dealings of former owner Steve Ross. Below is the full description of the show’s basis.

Set in the chaotic ’70s in a nearly bankrupt New York City of blackouts, riots, the Son of Sam serial killer case and the dawn of CosmosCaptainStudio 54, the drama centers on the world’s first soccer dream team. Orchestrated by Steve Ross, chairman of Warner Communications, which bought Cosmos in 1971, the team in 1975 signed a three-year deal with Pelé, the greatest player the game had ever known. More big name signings would follow: the German superstar Franz Beckenbauer, the charismatic Italian striker Giorgio Chinaglia and Brazil’s 1970 World Cup winning captain, Carlos Alberto. Overnight, a ragtag team of locals playing on dirt fields in front of a few hundred fans was transformed into a powerhouse of global talent, a Harlem Globetrotters-like road show breaking attendance records in massive stadiums around the country and the world and culminating in a dramatic quest to win the 1977 championship of the North American Soccer League. After its superstars left, Cosmos’ and NASL’s fortunes rapidly declined.

Personally, I love the idea of the wild and crazy times of NASL/Cosmos 1.0 being the basis for a TV Drama. This reminds me of shows like The Bronx Is Burning, set in the same period and place but focused on the New York Yankees and their Bronx Zoo.

Additionally, Bobby Cannevale NEEDS to be Giorgio Chingalia. It’s the perfect casting of the role of the former Cosmos striker and famed womanizer.

What do you think of the reported Cosmos drama? Who would you cast in some of the biggest roles from Cosmos 1.0? Let us know!

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