Slim to None: Potential Cosmos link to Mexican billionaire denied

Arturo Elias Ayub, Carlos Slim, and Arturo's son

Arturo Elias Ayub, Carlos Slim, and Arturo’s son

Previous reports of a possible link between Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim and the New York Cosmos were dealt a blow as the CEO of Telmex Foundation and board member of Grupo Carso, Slim’s conglomerate, denied them.

Two words were all that were needed as Arturo Elias Ayub denied the claims via Twitter in response to the question from Jim Baumbach, a sportswriter for Newsday.

Ayub serves in a senior capacity in Slim’s company, listed as the Director for Strategic Alliances and Content for America Movil, whose parent company is Slim’s Grupo Carso. He has been referred to as Slim’s right-hand man.

Ayub also has a personal link to Slim, married to Slim’s daughter, Johanna.

Carlos Slim has been viewed as a potential hope by Cosmos fans for new ownership or investment. However, this first comment from the Slim camp continues the uncertainty surrounding the status of the Cosmos.


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