Spare squares: Erik Stover comments on presence of Nexxfield at MCU Park

Nexxfield being laid down in its previous home at Miller Stadium for Rayo OKC [Photo: Nexxfield]

With the New York Cosmos’ move from Hofstra University’s James M. Shuart Stadium, gone are the jokes of lacrosse lines and giant Hofstra lettering. Despite concerns of brown “infield” turf and the massive “Brooklyn Cyclones” logo in the outfield at MCU Park, the club will no longer contend with any of these distractions as they will use a turf system designed to present a soccer-only experience.

With Soc Takes reporting the Cosmos would be utilizing the turf formerly used by Rayo OKC and a source telling us the same, TICC reached out to the Cosmos for some clarity on what to expect.

“We are using the Nexxfield X-Gen system for the 2017 season,” said Cosmos COO Erik Stover. “This system is used by the Montreal Impact at Olympic Stadium. The field is designed to have only soccer lines with no other logos or markings.”

While he did not confirm whether the Nexxfield did come from Rayo, a March 2016 post on the Rayo site indicates that the field utilized there was an X-Gen variant and also notes the Montreal Impact aspect.

Have you seen me?: Minnesota United striker Christian Ramirez with one of the Nexxfield squares (Photo: Christian Ramirez)

The field found itself the unlikely focus of a public turf war tug-of-war as minority owner Sean Jones repossessed it mid-season during a dispute with members of the Rayo Vallecano ownership side of the club.

Overall, this is positive news for the club who looked to rid itself of the poor visuals that Hofstra University presented them with and corrects those issues at MCU Park.

Soc Takes reports the Cosmos will lease the field for the full 2017 season.


7 thoughts on “Spare squares: Erik Stover comments on presence of Nexxfield at MCU Park

  1. Stover, stadium guy, do the right thing and leave this club in a professional manner. You will forever be connected to $cumbag $eamus who is nothing more than a two bit thief. The stink that will forever surround him is associated with you as well. Do the right thing.
    The Belmont failure? Strike one
    not growing the name in NYC? Check swing, one and one.
    Four years of Self Imposed Exile to a suburban wasteland?- Strike two
    Not having a plan B when Hofstra showed you the door? Check swing, 3rd base ump said you didn’t cross the plate. two and two.
    Not selling out the championship game at St. Johns? You have just been punched out like Carlos Beltran. Thats a strike 3 looking, Stadium Guy. (I will admit, Beltran might be worse. He went down in 3 pitches.)

    • Think that’s a bit harsh on Stover. He has the confidence of the new owner Commisso and is an experienced executive in the sport. Seamus is the one that scorn should be directed to.

  2. Good news with the field optics issue being fixed at MCU with the use of Nextfield turf. Now the club needs a serious marketing campaign thru 2017 to build a solid core of fans. Looking forward to the NASL season to start!

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