The Rumor Round-up – 2/9/15


We often hear a lot of jokes about all the Cosmos rumors that float out there. Two of my favorites involved what an incredible Starting XI our rumors would make and how a person could make a fortune off a nickel from every Cosmos transfer rumor.

Between that and questions on incoming players we’ve received, I thought I’d try to gather all unresolved rumors under one story and provide whatever updates I could find.

Player Rumors:


Fernando Torres

Fernando Torres – This has been the highest-profile rumor of the offseason for the Cosmos. The Spanish forward has been linked to reports of the Cosmos’ interest. In fact, Marca restated a link between the club and the player in an article this weekend. “I’d say that we always look for players with good qualitiesm that would bring much to our team and are interesting for this market. In regards to Torres, he’s an Atlético Madrid player and that is all,” said Head Coach and Sporting Director Giovanni Savarese to the Spanish publication last month.


Yasmani Duk (Photo: Jorge Adorno/Reuters)

Yasmani Duk (Photo: Jorge Adorno/Reuters)

Yasmani Duk – The last we saw, a report from and other outlets indicated he had already signed with the Cosmos. In fact, a report from last week suggested that his commitment with the Cosmos might make him unavailable for the Bolivian national team. Everything we’ve seen, including comments from the player and his agent, says he’s reached an agreement from the club. But, until we hear something from the club itself, this remains in limbo, especially after the recent Jose Escalante signing rumor.



De-Ceglie1Paolo De Ceglie – The Italian fullback, on loan to Marseilles from Juventus, seems to be a one-and-done rumor. It appears he was set to leave Marseilles, due to underwhelming performance this season, and join Getafe on loan before the transfer window closed. It doesn’t appear to have happened. We’ve seen no further indications anywhere that he might join the boys in green.


And now, we get to a brand-new rumor that popped up on Saturday.

While preseason is starting to shape up for the Cosmos, it’s currently very tame compared to the last few. Three games in California and one in South Carolina don’t really compare to England, the Middle East, Hong Kong, or El Salvador.  But, there is a noticeable gap between the last California game (2/27) and the Charleston match (3/19) and we already know the Cosmos were close to a trip to Brazil this off-season.

With friendlies played in North America, Central America, the Carribean, Europe, the Middle East, and East Asia, there are only a few regions the current Cosmos haven’t been to yet.

Africa, more specifically, Morocco would be one of those regions.

We recently were told that the Cosmos might be looking at the North African state for a match. We reached out to the Cosmos for comment and were told by a club spokesperson that, “There are a number of different people in different countries that we are talking to about preseason but nothing has been confirmed yet.”

This is all just another silly season post. All, none, or some combination of these might happen!


Nicks ThoughtsI have said it on the show and I will say it again. I hate silly season. You do not know what to believe and what not to believe.

That being said, Yasmani Duk seems to be the most likely target we will sign before the season starts. We need another option up top and Gio is not going to sign someone just because he has a name. He is going to add a player that fits the style of play he envisions for his team.

While we do need another defender as well, we do not need a full back as we have Ayoze, Freeman, Diosa and Mulligan as options. I think that rules out Paolo De Ceglie.

The Cosmos still can add to this team and Duk seems to be the most likely.

As for friendlies and countries, I want to see the Cosmos go abroad and get the name out there in a new part of the world, but I also want them to have a higher profile friendly in New York in front of their die hard fans.

We will see how it all plays out.

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