“We are in a sale process” – ONE World Sports CEO

4o8y9wvrWhile not technically a part of the Cosmos organization, the broadcaster does share a common owner in Seamus O’Brien. And while it was previously revealed by Awful Announcing that furloughs might be underway there, as well, it’s now also discovered that the channel is for sale.

The site managed to speak with OWS CEO Sandy Brown via email to clarify what is currently happening.

“We are in a sale process, and as we are being vigilant about our cost structure, we took the action of temporarily furloughing some of our employees,” stated Brown.

While the CEO took a very positive approach to the future of the company, the site’s contact with a source painted a different picture: all employees furloughed, not paid for the month of November, despite working it, a habit of missing payroll, and allegations that vendor and talent have gone unpaid for over a year in some cases.

Reportedly, employees have also reported the network to the Connecticut Department of Labor for other illegal acts including payroll taxes and 401ks.

Brown responded, saying the source was inaccurate on several matters.

But, the question is now raised: if Seamus O’Brien has seen fit to begin looking into the sale of ONE World Sports, could this indicate the potential direction the Cosmos could also go?

“We have nothing to do with the Cosmos. They are completely separate from us,” said Brown.

However, with the reports of furloughs, missed payroll, and outstanding debts for both entities, one has to wonder if the New York’s green and white could be gearing up for its third ownership group in its short, reborn history.

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  1. Will garber have an opinion on the nasl chaos and the future of soccer in the US.
    Where’s garber and his people, him and gulati are the honchos of soccer in the US.

      • I can’t seem to locate “forza” in my Webster’s dictionary. What is it, some sort of non-American word? Let me guess, are you a Pinko Commie draft dodger coward or something? America bro, love it or leave it.

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