A championship won, it’s answers time for the New York Cosmos

This is done...let's get some answers [Photo: Steve Hamlin/TICC]

This is done…let’s get some answers [Photo: Steve Hamlin/TICC]

“Right now we are focused on winning another Championship.”

Above is the phrase Cosmos fans and media heard whenever they queried the New York Cosmos on the turmoil surrounding the NASL and the off the field struggles of the club.

This, of course, is the correct stance to take as winning hardware should be the priority. However, now that the Cosmos are 2016 NASL Champions, there is little time to celebrate as many fans are very concerned about what lies ahead.

Multiple sources have confirmed to TICC that any deal to play the 2017 home season at MCU Park in Brooklyn is still not completed. As of right now, the New York Cosmos have no home field for next season.

Rumors are also swirling regarding Gio Savarese receiving offers from MLS clubs as well as some getting some interest overseas. If Gio does depart the club, which no one can blame him for advancing his career, fans could walk away as some do cite Gio as the reason they still come out to matches.

The league is in a very delicate spot as all signs point to Rayo OKC folding up meaning with the addition of San Francisco and the loss of Minnesota to MLS and the two clubs (Tampa and Ottawa) going to USL, the league will be at 9 teams next year.

Normally, as a fan you want to take a few days and enjoy the title your club just won but there are too many serious questions out there that need answers NOW.

We are five months away from the new season and there is no venue and season ticket renewals have not started. If the way the tickets to the finals were handled is an indicator on what is to come in the ticket department, there will be a lot of angry customers.

We have called for a town hall between the front office and the supporters of this club for several months now. We would love to enjoy the third title in four seasons for a long period of time. Lets face it, this team is an NASL dynasty right now. However, there are too many serious questions that need to be answered and they need to be answered right now.

This evening, the boys on the field did their job and lifted the trophy. Now, all eyes are on Seamus O’Brien.

Whatcha Got?



It’s been less than 24 hours since the club established themselves as the 2016 NASL champion. Most clubs and fans (and even us) would love to bask in the light of this one.

Cosmos Country, it’s been a helluva year. We’ve lost players to transfer and we’ve lost them to injury (come back strong Seba Guenzatti and Lucky Mkosana).

We’ve lost enormous portions of the fan base. We’ve lost them to apathy, to other clubs, and to a feeling that this club sometimes displays a lack of direction.

The Cosmos have repeatedly stated a desire to compete at the highest levels and their belief in the NASL to help them achieve this. Yet, the messaging coming out of the recent league summit is that the league intends to work closely with the USSF, MLS, and USL, thus putting them in a position that may not line up with the Cosmos’ previously stated goals.

And that’s without taking into account that it feels like this league is falling apart. The league has already experienced an unprecedented round of contraction and the futures of certain clubs (their existence or continued participation in the NASL) are in question.

Hell, people are questioning whether the league will be around after next season.

And all this without knowing what home field is next year.

For these reasons, this post is necessary, even if it seems impatient. And that’s because the club has repeatedly put answers on hold until after a Soccer Bowl.

We’re not the only ones who’ve called for answers from the club. Questions abound. And with this Championship in the bag, it’s time for those answers to flow.

Mr. O’Brien, we once again look to you for these answers. The fans of the Cosmos deserve them. A town hall would go far in re-assuring the fans about the future of this club.

It’s in your hands. Along with that shiny new trophy.

7 thoughts on “A championship won, it’s answers time for the New York Cosmos

  1. NASL is driving me crazy. I want a stable club. Seeing those Indy 11 supporters last night at the final reminded me most of what I want out of the Cosmos. I want a team I can count on being able to see play 10 years from now, and that my kids can grow up and to count on being able to see 20 years from now. Honestly, if that means USL, and USL becomes Div2. They don’t need to dominate the league, they don’t need to recruit the absolute top talent possible.

    When soccer first started taking off again in NYC, I resented going out to Harrison, and couldn’t stand the fizzy water name change and the fact they won’t own up to being a NJ team. I adored the idea of the Cosmos, my childhood team, playing again. I wanted that for my kids, and my dad.

    When their MLS effort fell through, its failure seemed kind of hubristic but I went with it. I don’t mind the idea of NYC FC but whenever I see them I’m reminded these should be the Cosmos playing. The growing pains of a new club doesn’t help; neither does (this matters less) their relationship to Man U.

    Now, I see how NASL doesn’t seem to be able to hold up under the pressure of the MLS in the long term. THe MLS is a parasite that takes the best teams away but gives little to nothing in return. We have promotion but no relegation. The NASL teams backstepping into USL seem to be doing so for financial reasons. It’s a prudent move if their fan base can’t sustain the costs of running teams capable of competing with the Cosmos as they prefer to run. But how can this work in the long run if some of the best, most competitive teams the NASL can harbor are just being built up to become prime MLS candidates.

    I see a lot of negatives for the future. NASL is fragile. They need to include into contract that they (or the MLS) need to pay out to NASL eight figures if they move to the MLS anytime within three years of being a NASL team. Then the NASL can at least subsidize promising new teams to come online, or fund better stadium rentals.

    The Cosmos are fragile. Gio is amazing. Why reason should he stick around for a league that’s going to be tottering? The Cosmos, again, seem to be in a place where they are a big fish in a small pond that is getting smaller and more acidic. They’re letting themselves be led by circumstances, and are not taking charge. Sometimes taking charge means making unpleasant decisions.

    I’ve spent thousands over the past four years between season tickets, jerseys, crappy food, a depressing roped off beer zone, commuting way the hell out to Hofstra, paying for One World Sports, etc. I’m starting to feel really cheated. I’ve kept this from my kids, hoping they can bridge this period with (to us) a step up in MCU park tenancy, but after this insane election I am really starting to dread next year. If the Cosmos fold too…well, I am more regretting their disappointment at being shot down from experiencing being ground-floor lifelong fans than mine.

    First World problems, sure, but this is the world we live in.

    The Cosmos HAVE to get started three months ago YESTERDAY on building fan support in NYC. There are many scores of soccer leagues (e.g., AYSO, SABA, etc.) that have thousands of current and former players’ families in their circles. One or two isolated, dispirited outings in two years made any outreach claims as a joke. They should have pivoted away from LI to NYC if they couldnt do both at the same time, regardless of their elmont dreams. I counted at least a dozen times AYSO was able to give out free tickets to Red Bulls matches this past year, and twice as many discount offers. I think I saw a total of three discount offers from Cosmos all year, and they were all around the semi-finals and finals matches. I’m not a marketing person but holy cow I see so many opportunities just lying on the ground. I’m not saying they’re all good, high-value ones, but even if things weren’t so dire you’d want to prioritize and pursue them all. At the very least, MCU needs to be stabilized, even if they have to shrink the payer salary pool to do it. We need a ground game, and FAST. The club’s opacity about all these problems signal a lack of urgency, or a lack of understanding. Like they’re dazed in the the headlights waiting for the car to hit. And if that’s truly the case…well, I’d rather know now than later.

    There were empty seats at Belson last night. BELSON, with its 2100 or so seats. Think about that.

  2. I’m worried its not headed anywhere good in the end, even if the league keeps the lights on for next season, I think more will jump ship after that season and it may end the league for the 2nd time…

  3. “We fully expect an answer is coming. Whether it’s yes or no determines our next step.”
    That’s an old quote from Erik Stover (one of many) about the stadium. Please NY Cosmos–don’t do to your fans what NY State has been doing to you.

  4. Sounding like Omaha and Detroit are heading to NASL along with LA. Very exciting. My dream is that the Mets buy part of the Cosmos and we play at Citi field. With actual marketing and a winning team it would work.

    • from your mouth to gods ears. How about 1-3 years in brooklyn while an 18,500 seat stadium is built in Shea’s footprint, Flushing Meadows Corona Park, above the 7 train yard off of Roosevelt Ave, etc…

  5. NASL will be back for 2017, even Gulati said he was optimistic they would be after speaking with NASL and its owners recently.

    Although the NASL is at a time of contraction and has issues, the league apparently is restructuring itself to go forward in a stronger manner with core clubs that have a united vision. New York Cosmos are part of that core. Lower league dues and a lower expansion fee for the next year or two is needed to attract more clubs to NASL. Working together with the other league’s and USSF doesn’t mean the vision of an independent pro league at the top alongside MLS won’t happen, it just has to be built in a less antagonistic way and steering clear of most MLS markets. There’s room in the future for both.

    When the Cosmos have finalized their new stadium location they will announce it, we just have to be patient, it will come within weeks most likely. I think the NASL will come out of this stronger in the end and with SF and Chicago and a few more clubs added in the next year or two they will be stronger and more stable.

  6. We. All. Must. All work…together. Players ..are. Needed. To. Come. To. America. From. Europe..to. Build. Teams. . thanks. Cosmos. For. Championship…. Gooooooooooooooallllllllllll..#..?. . pm.

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