Love, Hate, the Cosmos and the US Open Cup

13234505_10154324069381091_1363141552_oI LOVE the US Open Cup. I’ve seen the Cosmos pull off two incredible victories that have lifted my spirits and could not have been more different from each other.

I HATE the US Open Cup. I’ve seen the Cosmos lose two matches that also could not have been more different and they both still crushed me.

It’s a fantastic competition. I recently covered a USOC qualifier in my neighborhood at the Met Oval, a local derby between the New York Greek Americans and the New York Pancyprian Freedoms. It definitely was not a match for everyone. It was a freezing night, I was severely under-dressed, there were about 15 people watching, and it was in a lot that some might call crappy and in the middle of nowhere.

But, man, it was awesome watching these two local teams with history slugging it out in front of nobody on a freezing night for club pride and because it was the cup.

I managed to cajole my way into the operations booth to defrost, write my notes and get match info from the USOC official. An unexpected bonus came when he informed me that Stefan Dimitrov (2013-14 Cosmos) was playing and I met him after the match.

The competition is also an incredible opportunity. Aside from the chance for the Cosmos to take on MLS talent in a competitive fixture, being the last NASL club standing guarantees a cash prize. Ultimately, winning the thing means a $250K pot and entry into CONCACAF Champions League.

With no disrespect to either the Brooklyn Italians or Jersey Express, we knew what match-ups we wanted to see. And after matches in Belson Stadium against each side in 2014 and 2015, respectively, we’d get them.

lib magazine

Mads Stokkelien celebrates a goal against Red Bull (Photo: LIB Magazine)

I watched my Cosmos smack the hell out of Red Bull in the first derby. A 3-0 mauling made the now-departed Mads Stokkelien a club hero after his two goals. And while it was a fun match to watch and made for a nice footnote in history (Who won the first Battle of New York?), the match against the Union absolutely wrecked me. We traveled to Chester, held our own and were knocked out after a series of controversial calls (and non-calls).

Which made that next MLS match against NYCFC that much more important. And we went in with spirits and confidence high…until Kwadwo Poku gave the visiting MLS side a two-goal lead close to the hour mark. The Cosmos staged a comeback with Lucky Mkosana assisting on a Leo Fernandes goal before knotting it up in the 90th and forcing it into extra time. The drama continued in extra time with a missed penalty by City.

I will never forget the sound of that ball hitting the crossbar. But, it wasn’t over.

howard simmons, ny daily news

Celebration after beating NYCFC (Photo: Howard Simmons/New York Daily News)

To penalty kicks we went with City hitting three of their first four; the Cosmos only two. And then, City missed twice. We didn’t. It was finished. And I was sick for weeks after that game. If you don’t believe me, listen to the podcasts.

Full disclosure: I have seen that game twice. Once, in person. Once, to re-watch it and do my write-up. And never again. I smile when I think about it, but I just can’t watch it again.

I think you all remember what happened at Red Bull.

Bill kostroun

(Photo: Bill Kostroun)

We need to progress further. Two years stopped at the Round of 16 now. One time, we were out-reffed. One time, we were out-played. It doesn’t matter. We need to see some forward movement. We need to show that we are making actual progress to winning the Cup, something the Cosmos have indicated is a goal of theirs.

I do believe that the the Cup remains a major focus of the organization, but we need action to support the rhetoric.

I think it’ll be some time before we see the Cosmos hoist that cup, but that doesn’t mean we can’t slowly advance.




Luis is spot on. Its time to progress!

Will 2016 be the year? If I am a betting man, and I have been known to throw down a few dollars on a sport, I would say not likely.

That being said, in a cup, anything is possible. By the time the Open Cup rolls around, the Cosmos will have a spring season under their belt and the team will start to gel and develop into what it needs to be.

Also we need to consider that MLS teams might get hurt for the Open Cup matches with international call ups this June with major competitions happening on both sides of the Atlantic.

Again, I do not have my hopes up at a Quarterfinal appearance in the 2016 Open Cup, but I for sure can not rule it out.

We do need to applaud the Cosmos for withdrawing Cosmos B from the competition. This is the responsible and right thing to do. Often, when it comes to on the field decisions, this club makes the correct choice.

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