New York Cosmos and the Month Ahead: February


The 2015 Soccer Bowl Champions took to the field for the first time on February 2nd and in just a few short weeks will play their first competitive match.

So what do we look forward to as we move further into February?

1. Friendlies

Lets face it, fans want to watch matches and starting on February 20th, Cosmos fans will get that opportunity with three unique friendlies on the docket in February.

Cosmos vs FC Ararat Yerevan – Citrus Stadium – Glendora, CA – Feb 20th
The first match of the preseason will be against FC Ararat Yerevan of the Armenian Premier League. While many might not be up to tune on their APL, it should be noted that the ‘White Eagles’ have a solid history which includes 2 league titles and 7 domestic cups across the Armenian and Soviet top competitions. They also have a number of appearances in Europe over the years.

Of course the Cosmos have an Armenian influence in their history with the Eskandarian family.

Cosmos vs Fresno Fuego – Chukchansi Park – Fresno, CA -Feb 24th
The PDL schedule is not due to start until May, but the Fuego are starting early with friendlies against the aforementioned Ararat Yerevan and the Cosmos. The Fuego play in the Southwest division of the USL and last year finished third, missing out on the playoffs. This will clearly be another game focusing on fitness and, for the Cosmos, a tuneup for their biggest preseason challenge a few days later.

Cosmos vs San Jose Earthquakes – Avaya Stadium – San Jose, CA – Feb 27th
This will be the date most fans will be excited for as is always the case when the Cosmos face MLS competition. This will be the third game in and the Cosmos will almost be a month into their preseason, so this match could be a solid indicator of where things will stand going into March.

The Earthquakes will begin their season 8 days after this match, so this will most likely be their final tune up and we can expect a pretty prepared opponent in San Jose. This game will be loads of fun and will most likely mean the first viewing party of the season for most supporters clubs.


2. Formation

The next thing we will look forward to is seeing how the team will take its shape on the field. As we have discussed on the show, there runs a chance this preseason we could see Gio run out a number of potential formations and for those who have read ‘Inverting the Pyramid’ this will be something to watch.

The midfield has loads of options and flexibility and the question of formation has been on a lot of fans minds. We even took a dive into potential formations in an earlier post.


3. Potential New Signings/Friendlies

Of course there is still the time to sign a new player or announce a new friendly.

The Cosmos have been linked with some other players, and one that sticks out is Yasmani Duk. The striker’s name has been lingering around now for a few weeks. The Cosmos might still have one or two tricks up their sleeves before heading into the season.

Since the reboot, the New York Cosmos have done some kind of preseason tour overseas. Whether it was England or the Middle East, the Cosmos always put their name on the international scene. Could there still be time for a small getaway to a European or even Asian destination for a few games? Or might the Cosmos even entertain having a friendly in New York, so Cosmos fans can actually get a taste of the preseason action.

So friendlies, formations and potential new signings dominate the story lines for the month of February. The best part of it though, the Cosmos will kick a ball around this month. Get ready Cosmos Country.



Yeah, those friendlies are what I’m craving. Any chance to see the lineups that Gio is toying with would be very nice right now, never mind the possibility to see my team boot a ball around.

I don’t think we’re done by signings. I’d be concerned without us signing one more center back or one more striking option. We feel too incomplete. Another Roversio knee issue or an injury to Mendes would really stretch our back line. We need depth there badly.

I’m still of the mind that we will hit a region we haven’t visited since the reboot. My front-runners are Africa and South America.

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