Opinion: GF Capital – Be realistic in what it means

logoLate last week, Big Apple Soccer reported that the New York Cosmos were in talks with GF Capital Management & Advisors LLC about a potential share in the club.

This brought a lot of excitement to Cosmos Country and even had some talking about the club taking the field in 2017.

I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but while it is good news that there is activity on the ownership level, the club is still no closer to taking the field today compared to two weeks ago.

The fact of the matter is that GF Capital is not a major player to the point that it will have the capital needed to take the Cosmos to the “top of the pyramid” as Seamus O’Brien has always suggested. In fact, they seem to be more of an intermediary than an owner.

In the link above, Bloomberg offers a company overview. The most critical line of that overview is:

“The firm may also invest in larger transactions by offering co-investment rights to limited partners.”

It seems that GF is going to play the role of a deal maker in this case and that means they are possibly not interested in winning the US Open Cup.

However, as mentioned before, the fact they are being brought into the equation can give hope to Cosmos fans that there is a deal to be made for the Cosmos to take the field again.

The other interesting rumor that was reported by Big Apple Soccer was the possibility of the Cosmos buying out Red Bull and playing in MLS by 2018.

On the fan level, this has been talked about for a few years as many were disenchanted by the NASL and thought the Cosmos should possibly look into this option. Obviously, the Cosmos 1.0 had their most successful periods based out of New Jersey so this would really play along with the “Twice in a Lifetime” slogan.

Are Red Bull for sale though? I refer you to the follow-up piece by our friends at Empire of Soccer where Dave Martinez offers his thoughts on the Red Bull Sale rumor as well as the GF capital situation.

Long story short Cosmos Country, do not think GF Capital is the white knight that is going to come swooping in to save the Cosmos overnight. They might help save the Cosmos in the long run but Cosmos fans should be realistic in their short term expectations of this development.

GF Capital would be here to help make a bigger deal in the future, not to put a team on the field in 2017.

11 thoughts on “Opinion: GF Capital – Be realistic in what it means

  1. Cosmos have no choice but to pursue MLS with new owners and it will be expensive.
    We all know the old story of cosmos buying RB but in reality it’s the only choice.
    Hopefully cosmos new owners will not be delusional and pursue MLS just like other billionaires are from USL and NASL.
    The only HUGE problem is that red bull won’t sell for cheap, they will build an empire of bull shit then sell for $500-$600million, specially being New York.

    • considering Sela Sport wanted to spend 400 million dollars for a soccer specifi stadium plus 100/150 millions for expansion fee needed to join MLS and furthermore they would have red bull arena (to be named Giorgio Chinaglia Stadium hopefully) more or less it is not so different from what they would invest

      • They can’t come up with enough money to pay part time secretaries and the rent. Where are they going to get half a billion dollars to get into MLS?

        If the Cosmos get lucky, maybe they’ll get entry into that new Canadian league that’s starting up in ’18.

        Nickel and dime team in a nickel and dime league. It’ll fit like a glove. Thrice in a Lifetime!

    • Linking an article written by Peter Schwartz? Really man? He’s nothing but another Cosmos/NASL apologist in the mode of Kartik Krishnayir, Dave Martinez and Jack Bell.

      Get real. If you believe anything he spews, you must be excited that Santa in on his way.

      Then again, reading the nonsense you post on this site, you must be 6 years old.

  2. “It seems that GF is going to play the role of a deal maker in this case and that means they are possibly not interested in winning the US Open Cup.”

    Good line. Maybe they will enter Blue Man Group into the competition!

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