Opinion: Wait it out, Cosmos Country

ShrugEmoticon-There is no denying that this week has been an emotional roller coaster. The amazing thing, its only Wednesday.

From the initial report of Cosmos in crisis by Empire of Soccer to today’s rumor of Carlos Slim being a potential buyer for the club, Cosmos fans do not know what to think.

My thought to Cosmos fans is to just sit back and wait out the storm. Do not let every tweet get your emotions up and down because 10 minutes later there will be a development.

Today, all sources of mine were consistent, there was not a peep out of the BOG meetings all day long. Things are going on and there is no controlling the destiny. While speculation is part of being a fan, when emotions are high, every little blurb of news will take you in a new direction.

Here is what we know:

1 – The New York Cosmos are not in a solid state financially. They are in debt and there were reports of late payments to players/staff

2 – The New York Cosmos have cut their staff dramatically at this time. Either by termination or furlough.

3 – The NASL has its Board of Governors meetings this week and the main topic is the future of the league. There are reports of expansion hopefuls but at the same time it seems that USL officials along with Sunil Gulati are in attendance.

4 – Next week are the USSF meetings where it is very expected that USL will be crowned D2. It also seems that they do not want co-D2s so that could mean a drop to D3 for the NASL.

5 – At this point there is no stadium deal for the New York Cosmos in 2017 and all signs and sources point to this team not playing competitive matches next year. The possibility of an exhibition schedule has been rumored.

6 – Finally, the Cosmos did not close up shop….yet. They still might but no one really knows for sure. We know Seamus O’Brien is finally speaking in public but we hope that after the BOG meetings in Atlanta, that he gives out some real answers on the direction of this club.

Cosmos fans have been in a state of wait and see since Pele took to Flushing Meadow park to announce the New York Cosmos are back. That was 2010. Cosmos fans are very tired of Wait & See and they want to see this club playing on the field and secured for years to come.

However, one tweet is not going to change that path, we have been dying for answers for almost six months from this club. What is another two days? However, by Friday, Seamus O’Brien better inform us on the future of our club.



Yea, guilty. This morning I was caught up in the initial firestorm around that tweet. Since then, so much has changed and I won’t be going down that road again until we have cold, hard facts. There are lots of moving pieces and many things are fluid…including the destiny of this club.

Hang in there, Cosmos Country. To steal a line from a great ok guy, “I love you all.”

16 thoughts on “Opinion: Wait it out, Cosmos Country

  1. “5 – At this point there is no stadium deal for the New York Cosmos in 2017 and all signs and sources point to this team not playing competitive matches next year. The possibility of an exhibition schedule has been rumored.”

    That’s the most concerning point of all of them. The chances of them coming back from any kind of hiatus seems like wishful thinking to me.

  2. How depressing. The decision not to enter MLS looks worse and worse all the time. What do we all do if they fold? I’m not gonna root for NYCFC, that’s for damn sure.

    • you are 100% right, supporting New York Chivas Yankees is not an option. And New Jersey RB is, well, in New Jersey. Here are a few options from the top of my head:
      1) give up domestic soccer, hug loved ones, volunteer within our communities.
      2) Brooklyn Italians
      3) NY PanCyprians
      4) Lets start our own club NPSL, AMF, FTW.
      I’m willing to listen to others opinions as well.

  3. Fear not. Cosmos V is making his way back up on his horse, in his chaps, from Texas. He is picking up the Soccer Deacon & Kick Starter, They are arming to the gills and getting ready to invade US Soccer Headquarters. The Soccer War is on. Viva La Cosmos!

    As I said when the Cosmos joined NASL as opposed to MLS…


    This whole Cosmos episode, since the PK days has been a disgrace and a disservice to both the fans and the players (who have been great).

      • This team faces an uncertain future due to a foolish business decision to play more than one season on Long Island. This foolishness does not mean that “we” are Long Island. “We” are concerned. “We” are humble. “We” are loyal. “We” were here in the beginning. “We” will be here until the end, if there is an end. “We” certainly understood how important it was to reenter NYC. “We” appreciate all that Nick and Louie have sacrificed for us.

  4. Let’s be honest, MLS still wants cosmos and they are saving the best for last but it will take a miracle, or a huge business deal to get cosmos to MLS.
    If Seattle, Montreal, timbers, vancity, are all enjoying MLS then why not cosmos.
    In fact, cosmos would be an upgrade over red bull.
    The only way MLS has 3 teams in NYC that’s if MLS reaches 36-40 teams but the east has numerous of expansion options: Detroit, Cincinnati, Nashville, Tampa bay, NC.
    By the way, wouldn’t carlos slim would want cosmos to be in MLS instead of division 2. Right………

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