TICC Picks: The 2016 Spring Season

12922363_10154241073211091_1859528175_oNot content with just picking the winners of Week 1, our writers decided to get a little further and list our their predictions for where the clubs stand at the end of the Spring Season.


Tampa Bay comes in fresh with a completely redone roster and Stuart Campbell gets a full year at the helm. They look to be big threats in the Spring. Railhawks defensive additions move them up the table, but I can’t see their attack mounting a big title contention. If Akeil Barett had stayed in Jacksonville, I would have put them in the top three. Look out for them this year. Fury and Indy have lost too much to do much this Spring, and Rayo / Miami will need time to gel before they mount a big threat on the top spots for the playoffs.

And yes, you can call me a homer for picking Cosmos to win. Tweet me how you really feel @stevehamlin19.


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The Spring Season favors the New York Cosmos but not as much as it does Minnesota United.

Arguably the toughest road game they will have is today at Carolina, and the second tough is next week as traveling to Edmonton is never easy for any team. After that thoughest, the biggest obstacles in the spring season all have to come to NSC stadium. The Strikers, Rowdies and the Cosmos all will travel to NSC stadium and that could be the defining factor, especially the game on April 23rd against the Cosmos.

The Spring will be between the Cosmos and Minnesota in my opinion, however, the fact that the Cosmos have to go to Ft. Lauderdale and to Minnesota gives United a slight edge. I will duck now as Cosmos Country throws things at me. You can aim those things @TICC_Nick.



Cosmos have built their strongest roster to date. I’m just gonna start off saying I expect them to capitalize on it.

Rowdies, United, and Strikers should be able to round out the top four with the quality lineups they’ve built. The Railhawks defense should have improved enough that they’ll be in the top half, but the attack remains to be seen. Ottawa lost too many important pieces to not drop down to the middle of the table. Edmonton has put together a decent core, but it remains to be seen if their offense can really make a difference. Jacksonville, with a new coach has really trimmed the fat of their team and scooped up the best parts of the USL, but will need some time to come together. Indy Eleven started the offseason looking good, but injuries and unflattering performances plague them as they enter the spring. Miami FC is still kind of unpredictable. A lot of moving pieces with some great pickups and some questionable ones; I think they’ll get hit hard in the spring sprint and then start to settle in the fall.

Tell me why I’m wrong or shower me with praise @deltareaper on Twitter.


Those are our picks. We’ve shown you ours, now show us yours. Comment or tweet us!




2 thoughts on “TICC Picks: The 2016 Spring Season

  1. Nick is a prick, but a predictable prick! Before I read the article, I knew, knew, knew he wasn’t going to pick the Cosmos to win.

    Well to his credit, at least unlike another ticcpod broadcaster he didn’t predict Mads to be our top goal scorer last year. It’s a miracle that anyone listens to them.

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