Official: TICC Announces Signings

12660394_10154115042861091_1746722863_nSince its inception in early 2015, Cosmos Country Podcast has been dedicated to bringing you the best coverage on the New York Cosmos and the NASL. From our early beginnings and hiccups as a new show, we’ve since expanded with a blog and an overly active social media presence.

But today, we have the pleasure of announcing new local signings to the TICC family.


Eytan Calderon

Long Island product Eytan Calderon will be joining the site as a photographer. Many in Cosmos Country are familiar with his fantastic work and love for the club already. The veteran is the second member of the now-defunct, a supporter-run news site that was dedicated to covering the Boys in Green.

“Eytan is a huge get for us,” said Cosmos Country Podcast co-host Luis Hernandez. “I’ve seen his work first-hand when we worked on Five Points Press. He is a quality photographer who has a lot to offer the pod and site. Nobody is more critical of his work than he is and he will undoubtedly be key to the push this group is making to grow and stay competitive in this league. It’s also probably going to do the job better than my Samsung Note 4.”

Co-host Nick Laveglia added to the praise, “You will not find many better people than Eytan; his passion and eye for the game are going to be great additions to the team.”

“My inspiration is my love of the team and the Five Points,” said Calderon. “I am proud to be part of a special team of dedicated supporters who want to promote the team and league wherever and whenever possible.”



Steve Hamlin with the NPSL trophy

Signing his first professional contract  is Steve Hamlin. Hamlin, another Long Island product with the Cross Island Crew, is a passionate supporter of the Cosmos, and an avid follower of the Cosmos B team in the NPSL. His primary focus will be to cover the Cosmos B team for Cosmos Country Podcast and will weigh in on discussions about the Cosmos organization as a whole.

“Steve is a clear example of what we want to see with this show. A new path for youth development. We feel the appropriate move is to start him off covering Cosmos B of the NPSL and develop him slowly, and then hopefully flip him to Europe for a hefty transfer fee, or at least a free lunch,” said Hernandez as he explained the podcast thought process.

“I am really pumped to be getting a member of the team that is so passionate about Cosmos B. It is an area I know we can improve our coverage on,” said Laveglia. However, he was later heard cursing Hamlin out because of his choice of Premier League team.

“All honesty I’m so happy that these guys are giving me an opportunity to cover a team that deserves more coverage and is an underrated part of the cosmos family,” said Hamlin. “I look forward to giving my insight on the B team and hopefully beyond, if they ever take these damn training wheels off my tricycle.”

Laveglia and Hernandez were reportedly seen welding on the training wheels.

The show is also pleased to announce the start of an Instagram page to supplement their Twitter and Facebook presences. When asked why an audio podcast needed an Instagram page, the official statement was “Well, why the hell does Florida need four NASL teams?”

When asked for thoughts on the possibility of covering another Cosmos league title, the podcast commented, “We are not looking ahead to the final. We are focused on the next show, and after that we will only be focused on the next show, and so on. We respect all the other podcasts and, for us, every recording is a final.”


We had a little fun with this one, but we’re truly honored these guys want to join us. Eytan is a great photographer and it’s great to have him with us. Nobody outside the club knows Cosmos B like Steve and to have him write for us is fantastic. We consider ourselves lucky to have them join the TICC crew.



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