Finding Rocco: Jack Gaeta talks Gio, Cosmos, finding a savior

[l-r] Jack Gaeta, Alberto Gallego, Giovanni Savarese [Photo: Steve Hamlin/TICC]

By now, all of Cosmos Country knows the savior of their club by name: Rocco Commisso. Coming in as the club quietly died in the shadows, the Mediacom owner saved the team, moved it to Brooklyn and granted it at least another year of life.

But, what hasn’t been widely known is how Commisso got involved with this club after previously passing up opportunities in MLS and abroad.

That, as it turns out, is because of one man’s refusal to give up on the survival of the New York Cosmos.  Continue reading

New York Cosmos announce technical staff, Alberto Gallego signing

[L-R] Luis Gutierrez, Luke Sassano, Giovanni Savarese, Alberto Gallego, Guillermo Valencia, Jack Gaeta [Photo: New York Cosmos]

On Wednesday night, the Cosmos officially announced their technical staff moving forward in the 2017 NASL Season. Goalkeeper Coach Guillermo Valencia and Fitness Coach Luis Gutierrez have been signed to contract extensions. Furthermore, both Technical Director Luke Sassano and Director of Team Operations Jack Gaeta will return to the club. The most interesting piece, however, is an addition: Alberto Gallego, former General Manager and Sporting Director of Rayo OKC, will join the the club as “First Assistant Coach”. Continue reading