Slim to None: Potential Cosmos link to Mexican billionaire denied

Arturo Elias Ayub, Carlos Slim, and Arturo's son

Arturo Elias Ayub, Carlos Slim, and Arturo’s son

Previous reports of a possible link¬†between Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim and the New York Cosmos were dealt a blow as the CEO of Telmex Foundation and board member of Grupo Carso, Slim’s conglomerate, denied them. Continue reading

Rumors, reports, and sources: a Cosmos round-up for the day

New_York_Cosmos_2010.svgIt’s been an emotional day in Cosmos Country as the New York Cosmos have been reported dead, alive, and in limbo in the space of a few hours. Rumors and reports on the club’s future are bouncing around and we’ll try to sort out some of it here.¬† Continue reading