Us Against the World: The Cosmos and the US Open Cup, Part 2

We Want The Cup 5 Points Tifo [Photo: Eytan Calderon/TICC]

Following a successful inaugural season which saw the Cosmos win the NASL Fall Season and ensuing Soccer Bowl, plenty of intrigue and questions continued to surround the Cosmos and their future. The club looked to build on their successful first stint, but something else had come out involving the future of the club; they were staying in the NASL for the long run.

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Us Against the World: The Cosmos and the US Open Cup, Part 1

The 5 Points 2016 Open Cup tifo [Photo: Eytan Calderon/TICC]

The Cup. The Lamar Hunt United States Open Cup to be exact. It’s the longest ongoing knockout competition in American soccer and one of the longest running association football tournaments in the world. It’s March Madness for soccer, on steroids. It pits teams from across the nation, both amateur and professional, in an extensive knockout tournament that spans from April until September every year, with qualifying taking place for amateur clubs well before then.

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Offseason Review: From a title, to Brooklyn, with near death in between

On Sunday, August 1st, 2010, Pele stood in the middle of a soccer field in Flushing Meadows Park and proclaimed the New York Cosmos were back.

On that day, NYC Poland defeated NYC Jamaica in the then-COPA NYC final and BW Gottschee partnered with the Cosmos organization led by Paul Kemsley. The mission was on to get the legendary New York Cosmos back into the top level of the US Soccer ‘Pyramid’.

Fast forward to today and we are just under two weeks away from the start of the 2017 NASL season. Meanwhile, the league and Cosmos are coming off a near death experience this offseason. Continue reading

Official: Rocco Commisso takes reins of Cosmos ownership

After weeks of rumors, the release of players and staff, and questions on the future of the club, the Cosmos have confirmed new ownership. Chairman and CEO of Mediacom Communications Corporation Rocco B. Commisso has now taken over as Chairman and majority owner of the club. Continue reading

“That is just not an option for us” – Cosmos chairman Seamus O’Brien on NASL, USL prospects


Cosmos Chairman Seamus O’Brien

The silence has finally ended.

For months, the New York Cosmos deflected any questions outside the realm of what was happening on the playing field with replies of “We’re focused on winning a championship.”

November came and went, another trophy was won, and still the silence continued. And yet, the news still managed to find ways to reach the fans. Players and coaches were released, staff were terminated. Reports of massive debt. This morning, the Cosmos are due to appear in court where their landlord will attempt to recover over $50K in back rent and evict them.

The silence finally came to an end yesterday. And it essentially confirmed what many had figured out. The Cosmos will not field a team in 2017. Continue reading

“We are in a sale process” – ONE World Sports CEO

4o8y9wvrWhile not technically a part of the Cosmos organization, the broadcaster does share a common owner in Seamus O’Brien. And while it was previously revealed by Awful Announcing that furloughs might be underway there, as well, it’s now also discovered that the channel is for sale. Continue reading

A championship won, it’s answers time for the New York Cosmos

This is done...let's get some answers [Photo: Steve Hamlin/TICC]

This is done…let’s get some answers [Photo: Steve Hamlin/TICC]

“Right now we are focused on winning another Championship.”

Above is the phrase Cosmos fans and media heard whenever they queried the New York Cosmos on the turmoil surrounding the NASL and the off the field struggles of the club.

This, of course, is the correct stance to take as winning hardware should be the priority. However, now that the Cosmos are 2016 NASL Champions, there is little time to celebrate as many fans are very concerned about what lies ahead. Continue reading

An open letter to Seamus O’Brien

12660394_10154115042861091_1746722863_nAt TICC, we’ve celebrated the team’s successes, but have respectfully challenged the club when we feel they’ve fallen short of their stated goals.

Today, we share an open letter from a founding member of the Borough Boys to Cosmos Chairman Seamus O’Brien in an effort to understand the club’s strategy and how they will get there. Continue reading

The time for Seamus O’Brien to talk to Cosmos fans is now


Photo: Steve Hamlin

Talk to fans of the New York Cosmos about the state of the team after 3 and a half years and, more often than not, you will hear a response that resembles: “On the field it’s been awesome but off the field it’s not.”

Actually, saying “off the field it’s not” is actually being kind as the actual language has been a lot more vulgar.

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