Disaster in Reading: Cosmos eliminated from Open Cup

Ayoze [Photo: Steve Hamlin/TICC]

The New York Cosmos were eliminated from the US Open Cup in their first round of play for the first time in their reboot history as Reading United AC of the PDL hung on to win the game 3-2. 

The Cosmos made a number of changes to their roster with several players seeing their first starts of 2017, including Kalif Alhassan and Eric Calvillo.

New York got on the board in the 12th minute as Javi Marquez fed a ball to Alhassan who buried the opportunity, giving them the early lead.

Cosmos attackers were not shy with their chances early in the match with Herrera, Restrepo, and Alhassan continuing to make solo attempts on the net in the first half.

However, Reading was not ready to roll over and die as they tied and then led the game in the span of two minutes. In the 38th, an unmarked Paul Marie in the left side of the box hit a low, hard shot on net, slipping it past Jimmy Maurer, Just two minutes later, Marco Micaletto doubled the lead after Carlos Mendes missed the clearance of the pass to him. Micaletto turned and rifled one into the center of the net.

Reading added a third just before halftime as David Ochieng was stripped of a ball by Frantdzy Pierrot who finished his own chance.

The Cosmos compensated by making two subs to start the second half. Ayoze made his return, replacing Ochieng and Dejan Jakovic came in for Mendes.

Reading continued the press into the second half with early chances narrowly missing, including a tip at an open net that went over the crossbar and a shot that just got away from Maurer’s tip before he recovered it.

The Cosmos put themselves back in the conversation in the 63rd minute with a goal from fan favorite Danny Szetela. Alhassan followed up his goal with an assist as he put a hard cross into the box that the defensive midfielder dove for, heading it into the back of the net.

Despite chances for each side, the score held.

The Cosmos found themselves eliminated from the Open Cup before the Round of 16 for the first time since they started playing it in 2014.

The Cosmos next travel to Saudi Arabia to face Al-Hilal in a friendly this weekend.



49 thoughts on “Disaster in Reading: Cosmos eliminated from Open Cup

  1. What a joke! Isn’t PDL basically a 4th tier of this ridiculous soccer pyramid. Not having it streaming was pathetic enough, but to even be behind 3-1 is embarrassing. Now off to a very important friendly in Saudi Arabia?! What is the direction of this organization? Does anyone know? Funny because I’m positive I asked that question right here at some point LAST year.

  2. I was not ever expecting much from the team this year in league play or US Open Cup. Remember, we were brought back from the dead just a few months ago. But to go out in the first round to a development team? YIKES!!! I do expect from the players representing this badge to play hard but honest. To play the beautiful game beautifully. Not cheating, diving or play acting like Guerra and Marquez on Sunday vs. PRFC. Shameful. I hope Gio reigns this nonsense in. If Rocco is serious about this team he will bring in not one, but several marquee players next year to not only put butts in the seats but to crush all competition in our way, NASL or US Open Cup.

  3. Mr.Rocco needs to splash his money asap on the cosmos. How will cosmos come back in a troubled nasl and stay relevant.
    They have a new owner,but now what. Doesn’t cosmos have 3 owners, Rocco being the main but again, what’s the future.
    Mr.rocco and cosmos should waited till the second season of 2017, or like the rumor was,” come back in 2018 but to MLS, after buying red bull.”
    The nasl doesn’t need cosmos no more, they got Miami and deltas, cosmos should do the MLS jump in the future just like Minnesota.
    Cosmos need a master plan before MLS and usl kill nasl, or before Mr.rocco takes cosmos down again.
    No way cosmos win US open cup in the future, no way. Get over it and pursue MLS entrance.

    • Cosmos losing in this one off game in USOC is embarrassing but these kind of upsets happen in the tourney, USL had some embarassments as well last night with Richmond losing out to a bar team. Anything can happen in a one of game and for the underdog teams this is they’re pinnacle.

      MLS entrance for Cosmos is long passed and its not happening. Hopefully no leagues are killed and NYC help build their club and NASL back up for a sustainable and stable future. The right moves seem to have been done the last few months and continue to be made by the newer leadership in NASL and now hopefully Cosmos build their attendance and club up in Brooklyn.

  4. I was shocked to hear about this loss last night but at least we have the Cosmos team back, so I take this loss to Reading in the Open cup in stride. Better to lose in the Open Cup than not having a Cosmos team to support.

    If you told me that is rationalizing this loss, I wouldn’t disagree with you.

    Still we shouldn’t take anything away from Reading, they exploited our weakness in the back, and they deserve credit to Reading for a giant kill. This is like a 13 seed beating a 4th seed.

    We often talk about the ‘magic’ of the Open Cup, It was great to beat RBNY 3-0 and NYCFC 2-0 (Yes, I also remember the 1-0 loss in Philly, the 4-1 loss to RBNY and the 3-2 loss to New England). So with this loss to a PDL side the lesson here is that ‘magic’ works both ways for us.

    Now off to Saudi Arabia?!??

  5. As Cosmos fans we have been through so many highs and Lows. But the bottom line is not only do we want our team to survive, but to thrive. I understand that Cosmos as a organization didn’t have enough time to build a proper roster and I’m grateful that Rocco saved them. With that being said the only thing the Cosmos should be focusing on is building their fan base and their relevance in New York and in the US. If they can’t fill a 7,000 seat stadium how are they ever going to survive as a franchise. The Cosmos need to be perfect. They need every thing to go their way if they are going survive. They need to win every home game. They need to go deep in the open cup. They need to play attention getting friendlies in New York. They even need perfect weather. I get that they can’t control the weather, but everything is a factor. Last week I said I was concerned about rescheduling games because of weather and playing games in other countries, that they were spreading themselves too thin. Now they lose what is most important game of the season to an amateur team. They have wasted their biggest opportunity to be relevant. There will no game against NYCFC or the Red Bull’s. To be honest with the team as it currently constituted they would be crushed by either team. The question is where do they go from here. Do they just ride out the rest of the season and see what happens or do they begin to make the changes to try and achieve the perfection they need to become relevant going forward? To me it’s obvious. We all love Rocco and Gio, they both done great things. But they are both going to have dig deep and decide how the are going to turn this around.

    • Could not agree more Jack with literally everything you just said. Well thought out. Can you email that to the front office? 🙂

      • Will do. I get playing friendlies in other countries if it brings in significant revenue. But if they are paying or losing any money that it makes no sense. They beat EiIbar (La Liga team) last year, not only did no one show up in Las Vegas, nobody cared. The Cosmos actually folded as an organization a few months later. If they where playing Valencia in New York that might draw some new fans. Let’s hope they turn this around. Keep on fighting the good fight!

        • Mr.Jack,
          You forgot to say something, and that is for cosmos to pursue MLS.
          In MLS you will have friendlies against European and South American sides, play against teams like Galaxy and nycfc and have all the exposure cosmos need.
          MLS has everything cosmos need and if Rocco doesn’t see it, then he has a problem. Cosmos would have 3 mandatory dp spots to use plus tam and gam. MLS has the sponsors and connections to Europe and Mexico.
          If it wasn’t for Sacramento, everybody would be talking about San Francisco to MLS.
          Now it’s time to talk about cosmos to MLS for good.
          No matter what, cosmos needs MLS for all the exposure they will get and become relevant in every soccer corner of the US.
          Fun fact, cosmos is bigger outside the US.

          • The Cosmos had an opportunity to join MLS when Seamus O’Brien first took over the organization and they turned it down. The MLS then got an offer from the Man City group and that’s why you have NYCFC. The Cosmos are essentially part of the reason that NYCFC exist, at least in New York. Don Garber has said there is no way they are going to have three teams in the New York region. I think most Cosmos fans would like them to move to MLS, but at this point doesn’t look like that can happen. If Chingalia you have some connection please make it happen. Maybe Rocco has a miracle up his sleeve.

          • That was back then and garber knows it. Now Rocco needs to open his master plan and pursue MLS. With all respect to red bull fans, we all know red bull is Chivas USA 2.0 and it will eventually get garbers attention.
            Cosmos have a new main owner, and Rocco needs to do something, like buy red bull or unite red bull.
            This is not rocket science, but I repeat, that was back then and now is different but Rocco can not talk bad about MLS or garber. He has to be a mature billionaire and pursue MLS. I’m not asking for 3 ny MLS teams, but for cosmos to do a move sooner than later. Forget dirt seamus, what happen to the other investors interested. Remember that rich guy from Vegas looking to buy red bull.

          • The MLS boat for the Cosmos has passed, there not going to MLS and there’s no point wasting time on it. Club has moved on and has to build there base in Brooklyn and get on with helping to build up the league they’re in, NASL.

    • Mr. Cleary, Your analysis is spot on. My question for you, as I hold your opinion in high regard, is what can we do as supporters, what can we do as fans to help elevate the Cosmos? Yes, Rocco and Gio need to dig deep and decide how they are going to turn this around. What can we do in the meantime? Regards, N

      • It’s really interesting being a Cosmos fan, they are the little, big club. They have an incredible history and they may be the most famous American team in the world. While having this identity they are also underdogs in the New York soccer and sports market. The Red Bull’s and NYCFC get media coverage they play in a higher league. Because of this current incarnation they have the feel of a supporter owned club. I have met most of the players. My son has played soccer tennis with Raul. That doesn’t happen with big clubs. We as fans have to treat the Cosmos as if they are a supporter owned club. Below are some of things we can do.

        1. Go to as many games as possible. In my case I’m in my third year as season ticket holder. I live in Long Island, so the games at Hofstra where easy for me to go to. MCU park is an hour away with traffic. So I will make about 75% of the games.

        2. I also invite as many people as I can to games. I give the Marc Dombaks email or number and I tell them call him and get tickets next to my seats. I brought 12 people to the Armada game. I have friends that ask me every week when we are going to the next game. I have a bunch of people who are going to May 27th game.
        3. When I can’t go I give my tickets to friends and associates. That is way to introduce new fans to the game. Today I had friend walk by my office with his Cosmos shirt on. Now he is doing some marketing for the team.
        4. Also talk to everyone who is interested in soccer, sports about the team. I met this guy on the train and he was wearing a Chelsea hat, they happen to be the European team I support, I started talking to him about Chelsea at some point I told him I have season tickets to the Cosmos. He said he heard they were back. I told him he should go to a game with his friends. I don’t know if he has been to a game, but know he knows that there are people going, it’s in his head.

        5. Support the club in every way on social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Like post, share post.

        6. Support the NASL and the other teams on social media. Root for the Cosmos, but support the other teams.

        PS- I don’t have time to edit this so I hope it makes sense.

        • Honestly, I appreciate your quick response. Our views are quite similar. I just donated a framed Chinaglia jersey to Cafe Piccolo on W75th and Amsterdam. Feel free to swing by if you are ever in the neighborhood and check it out. The owner and a few of the waiters knew about the Cosmos, but did not know they had returned. Now they are attending games in Bklyn with me. They have stickers up on their front door and have a giant magnet on one of their walls as well. While I have my fingers crossed that Rocco and co will do the right thing, Im doing everything I can to get the name out as well.

          • I think I will be able to check out the Chinaglia framed jersey, since I work on 77th and Amsterdam. ;-). I will have to go in there act like i didn’t know and how I saw Giorgio and Pele play and now I have season tickets to the Cosmos. That’s funny that I actually haven’t been in there and seen it yet.

        • Just handed it to them 2 days ago. Ask for Mario the head waiter or GianLuca who is the owner. Tell them you are a cosmos supporter and that Nick (teacher) told you to swing by. I promise you will share good laughs with both/either of them. Take a pic with the frame if you want!

          • I love this! We need more places to plant our flag. I convinced my friend to make his new bar a Cosmos bar. He just made it official on Twitter last weekend: Offside Tavern. 137 W. 14th. He is woefully lacking in any actual Cosmos swag for the wall. This needs to be remedied.

          • MPS-

            I know a place in Astoria that will frame Cosmos merch for under $100. Let me know if you are interested. I can help out or you can just go there any tell him you know Teacher Nick. Ive framed 3 jerseys in the last month. You will share laughs with the owner, for sure.

    • Not only we all love Rocco and GIO, but also I have the confidence they will do what it takes to make in building their fan base and improving the roster and improving game by game.
      I just learned that the result of exhibition game vs Al-HILAL at Saudi Arabia is tied. BEIN sports ( ch 596 at Verizon FIOS) will have it delayed tomorrow Sunday 21 st at 1:20 AM. I am going to tape it and watch it later on.
      Tío Hugo

      • I saw the game and it was not bad at all. They played well and could have won the game. I Like the Argentinian Pablo Vranjican. I would not be surprise if Gio gives him a contract.
        Tío Hugo

  6. My pops who grew up with cosmos, thinks cosmos are in MLS and i always have to explain, (he watches all soccer leagues) and he says, I don’t get it.
    On the other hand, my brother and I do understand what’s happening with the cosmos and we know that MLS is the future of soccer in the US. Therefore, What the hell is rocco thinking.
    Take us to the promise land so I can take my pops to a cosmos vs fc Dallas or dynamo.
    (We live in Texas now)
    There’s still time for cosmos to join MLS and go after Messi or cr7. Imagine this in 2019-20 cosmos in MLS at Red Bull arena with Messi or cr7 in a great cosmos green jersey. No way Nycfc go after Messi or cr7 when they have mancity.

  7. I don’t want Cosmos in MLS, I want Nasl to stabilize and grow big and bigger, steady and steadyer, until they get 16 teams in a few years, get new and better tv contracts and new marquee players becoming a viable alternative to ML$ and U$L

    • About Nasl, the chance for the league to survive, grow and stabilize are many. Even if, after 2017 season North Carolina, Indianapolis and Edmonton left we would probably have not just one but two teams in San Diego, Fort Lauderdale coming back, Arizona joining in, Atlanta and Detroit, and if we are a little lucky even Chicago. That would mean, coming back to Atlanta after Silverback’s loss and saying to MLS, hey, you can’t get rid of us so easily, and stepping back in one of Us tv top markets, coming back to Fort Lauderale reviving an historic team and reinforcing Nasl presence in Florida, the new team in Orange County is a clear statement to ML$ and U$L, Arizona would be another flag in the ground to grow Nasl in the west part of United States, and if all the pieces fall in the right place it would also mean screwing ML$ in Detroit and San Diego, and if Chicago joins too in 2018 (even if not so likely) it would mean the league growing in some Us TOP MARKETS, getting exposure and being able to negotiate with main tv networks gaining like this exposure, new fans, relevance, and eventually money, I want to believe it and say fuck off to ML$ and their hanger-on doing Garber’s dirty job. Cosmos will be great in Nasl and I hope Rocco shares my vision about the league

    • If you think that would ever happen then you’re a bigger dope than your brother. And wtf is steadyer?

      • Open your heart to the Cosmos…the time is now. Are you doing anything Saturday night? The 5pts welcomes you. New York is a fun place. Have you been here before? Cousins in Long Island or parents who grew up in Queens does not count. You should come visit Brooklyn.

    • I am with you !. Our New York Cosmos should lead that mission to make the NASL a viable alternative and promote and support the growth of US soccer at a high level by espousing the virtues of free market and the strength of The NASL model.
      New York Cosmos means to me a team committed to the league model, its structure and its long term vision which is becoming and authentic Competitive league, for which they have all my support.
      Green and White forever!
      Tío Hugo

      • Tio Hugo, the best. Always with a calm demeanor, always providing mature insight. Can we get Tio Hugo on TICC in 2017, POR FAVOR!!

  8. Just listened to Gio on the United States of Soccer. Clearly he was not happy with the Saudi trip and did kind of suggest that it effected the open cup. But he had to deal with it. The good news is he said they are looking at five or six players. The cup result may have amped up the drive to keep building the team.

    • fingers crossed one out of the five they are looking at is Super Mario Balotelli!!
      Piccolo Cafe has yet to put up the framed Chinaglia. They have Cosmos stickers and a magnet up though. I told Mario that Cosmos friends might be stopping by. Im sure you will get a free espresso, biscotto or similar if you mention the club, me, whatever.

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