So long from the TICC crew

You may or may not have noticed how quiet we’ve been over the last few days, not posting anything after the Open Cup loss in Reading, including anything regarding the friendly match in Saudi Arabia.

That’s because we’ve decided to take a step back.

Following a series of events last week, the TICC team discussed a few matters and we decided that, as an entity, TICC will not continue coverage of the club.


We’re still fans of the on-field product: an amazing technical staff in Giovanni Savarese, Alberto Gallego, Luke Sassano, Jack Gaeta. And some of us have gotten to know the players on a personal level and we treasure those interactions.

The time, effort and investment we’ve spent have not come close to breaking even with the loss of sleep and sanity we’ve experienced since we started this project. But, we’ve been rewarded with fantastic interviews with figures from the soccer world and we’ve built some pretty incredible friendships with you all across the country.

Some have felt our coverage is too negative. Maybe they’re right. But, we’ve always tried to paint a fair picture of the club. However, watching three ownership groups and a near fatality of the team gives you a certain perspective. And we definitely stand by it.

Some of us will continue to work on our own endeavors.

By now, you are all familiar with the amazing work done by our photographers Eytan Calderon (@eytcal on Twitter) and Steve Hamlin (@stevehamlin19). Steve has also been a big part of the writing staff alongside Jordan Jacobsen (@USA_SC_Fan) and Rich Gallagher (@Gallagher_Rich). Of course, I must mention Mike Schemmel (@VivaLaShem), whose graphics helped our site take a step up.

And what can I say about Nick? He’s been a tireless part of this podcast since we started it, dabbled in writing, and has had his own unique relationship with the club. His strong opinions, strong accent and weak pronunciation skills will be missed by all. On our last show, he’d stated his plan to leave at the end of the season, so this is just an accelerated timeline for him, which he was open to. His career has taken priority over his time for extra curricular projects.

I also can’t let the efforts of others go unnoticed. Thank you Ant, Leo, and Prez.

I thank every single one of these people for all they gave. With a team this strong, every episode and every write-up was a final.

And lastly, but most importantly, thank you to the readers, listeners and supporters of this project. Without you, there was no reason to go as far as we did. Keep the faith and keep supporting the green and white.


– Luis H. (@deltareaper)

TICCPod Ep 79 – Mother’s Day mayhem, Open Cup calamity, the questions return

It’s been a wild week for the Cosmos. A dive against Puerto Rico FC likely leads to a win. A match against a PDL side leads to a disastrous exit from the Open Cup. And the team is now off playing a friendly in Saudi Arabia.

Historically, the team’s exit from the Cup (usually in the Round of 16) has led to existential questions about the state of the team and the long-term. With the Cosmos crashing out immediately, the questions begin now.

We talk your thoughts on the state of the Cosmos and share ours. It’s only five months into new ownership and the need from the fans for answers has just begun.

We get some exclusive words with Giovanni Savarese, Jimmy Maurer and Eric Calvillo after the Reading surprise, discuss league and Open Cup results and much more on this edition of TICCPod. Continue reading

“Our roof is very, very high”: Alberto Gallego discusses move to Cosmos, coaching, Valencia friendly

Alberto Gallego [Photo: Steve Hamlin/TICC]

One of the bigger changes to the Cosmos in 2017 was undoubtedly the staff joining Gio Savarese on the bench. Alecko Eskandarian and Carlos Llamosa had both patrolled the sidelines since 2013, helping Savarese grow and nurture the famous “Cosmos Culture”. With both moving on to MLS (Llamosa to New England, Eskandarian with the MLS player relationship office), the club needed a new face to assist Savarese in a new task: rebuilding the club from near scratch.

Enter Alberto Gallego, a bold Spaniard who brings a track record of success in lower division domestic football in his home country. Continue reading

Cosmos win multi-goal Mothers’ Day match

[Photo: New York Cosmos]

The New York Cosmos found their first home victory of 2017 as several Cosmos also found their first goals of the season in the process of overturning a two goal deficit in the first half.

Delayed a full day by heavy rains and poor drainage at MCU Park, the wait seemed worth it as the club finally captured an elusive three points in Brooklyn.

Continue reading

“I didn’t like the situation in Granada…here we are content and happy” – Javi Marquez on the Cosmos

Javi Marquez [Photo: Steve Hamlin/TICC]

It’s arguable that Javi Marquez had a slow start to the year and struggled to make an impact in his first appearances as a Cosmos. While he initially seemed to vanish at the start of the season, his weight has been felt in his last few matches, both in overall chemistry with his teammates and in the two goals he scored in his last three games.

The midfielder came to New York looking for a new start after spending his entire career in the Spanish system, becoming yet another former Liga player to join the NASL club alongside names like Marcos Senna, Raul and Ayoze.

And New York certainly seems to agree with him. Continue reading

“It’s been an interesting beginning from December to now” – Gio Savarese on injuries, schedule congestion

Giovanni Savarese [Photo: Steve Hamlin/TICC]

Adversity has been no stranger to the Cosmos in 2017. Rebuilding a team that had disbanded and a short preseason to ready themselves have given way to a suddenly congested schedule and a wave of injuries to contend with.

With an NASL match, Open Cup match and a high-profile friendly in Saudi Arabia all happening in the space of a week, TICC spoke with Cosmos Head Coach Giovanni Savarese on the challenges that lay ahead for the club. Continue reading

Carlos Mendes on the club’s performance, his return to play

[l-r] Carlos Mendes and Kalif Alhassan [Photo: Steve Hamlin/TICC]

Carlos Mendes recently made his return to the field, subbing on during the Cosmos’ 1-1 draw in Jacksonville last weekend. Absent after the season opener in Puerto Rico, the captain put in over a half hour of play on the road.

TICC caught up with the captain to ask him his thoughts on the season so far and his recovery. Continue reading

Cosmos, NASL clubs learn Open Cup opponents; Eddies eliminated in Canada

No more speculation, the Cosmos and their fellow NASL clubs know the opponents they will face as the two second-division leagues drop into Open Cup action next week.

At time of writing, all NASL sides will be the away sides with the exceptions of Miami FC (hosting rights uncertain) and San Francisco Deltas, who will host their match, but at Stanford University.

Continue reading

Finding Rocco: Jack Gaeta talks Gio, Cosmos, finding a savior

[l-r] Jack Gaeta, Alberto Gallego, Giovanni Savarese [Photo: Steve Hamlin/TICC]

By now, all of Cosmos Country knows the savior of their club by name: Rocco Commisso. Coming in as the club quietly died in the shadows, the Mediacom owner saved the team, moved it to Brooklyn and granted it at least another year of life.

But, what hasn’t been widely known is how Commisso got involved with this club after previously passing up opportunities in MLS and abroad.

That, as it turns out, is because of one man’s refusal to give up on the survival of the New York Cosmos.  Continue reading