Cosmos Country Podcast Ep. 71 – The end is near? With Dave Martinez and Kartik Krishnaiyer

12660394_10154115042861091_1746722863_nWe’re back talking all the developments to the New York Cosmos and the NASL, talking about what the future may or may not hold for both.

We’re joined by Empire of Soccer’s Dave Martinez and Kartik Krishnaiyer who share what they know and what they think about both entities. As usual, a great chat with these guys.

We read your thoughts and questions and finally, we share ours.

This may or may not be our last episode, but no matter what…we love you all. Continue reading

“We are in a sale process” – ONE World Sports CEO

4o8y9wvrWhile not technically a part of the Cosmos organization, the broadcaster does share a common owner in Seamus O’Brien. And while it was previously revealed by Awful Announcing that furloughs might be underway there, as well, it’s now also discovered that the channel is for sale. Continue reading

Slim to None: Potential Cosmos link to Mexican billionaire denied

Arturo Elias Ayub, Carlos Slim, and Arturo's son

Arturo Elias Ayub, Carlos Slim, and Arturo’s son

Previous reports of a possible link between Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim and the New York Cosmos were dealt a blow as the CEO of Telmex Foundation and board member of Grupo Carso, Slim’s conglomerate, denied them. Continue reading

Rumors, reports, and sources: a round-up of the second day

nasl-logo2After a whirlwind of information swirled around on Tuesday concerning the fates of the Cosmos and the NASL, information slowed down considerably, but did not drop off entirely on Wednesday. But very little revolved around the New York Cosmos. Continue reading

Cosmos Country Podcast records Thursday

12660394_10154115042861091_1746722863_nAs usual, send us your thoughts and questions on the New York Cosmos, your club, and/or the NASL. No questions for you this week. Just send us your thoughts. Comment below or email CosmosCountryPodcast at gmail if you want anonymity.

We’ll also have a guest on to talk about the league. We’ve been looking forward to having him back. Talk to you soon!

Opinion: Wait it out, Cosmos Country

ShrugEmoticon-There is no denying that this week has been an emotional roller coaster. The amazing thing, its only Wednesday.

From the initial report of Cosmos in crisis by Empire of Soccer to today’s rumor of Carlos Slim being a potential buyer for the club, Cosmos fans do not know what to think.

My thought to Cosmos fans is to just sit back and wait out the storm. Do not let every tweet get your emotions up and down because 10 minutes later there will be a development. Continue reading

Rumors, reports, and sources: a Cosmos round-up for the day

New_York_Cosmos_2010.svgIt’s been an emotional day in Cosmos Country as the New York Cosmos have been reported dead, alive, and in limbo in the space of a few hours. Rumors and reports on the club’s future are bouncing around and we’ll try to sort out some of it here.  Continue reading

Twice in a Lifetime? Report suggests Cosmos future may be on the brink

Ayoze [Photo: Steve Hamlin/TICC]

Ayoze [Photo: Steve Hamlin/TICC]

After months of questions, the Cosmos continue to offer no answers as to the state of the club, their future home, season tickets, and what league they’ll play in with continued rumblings of the USL potentially landing Division Two status.

But today, Empire of Soccer released a bombshell of a story, indicating that the questions may not be limited to these items, but may include their very existence. Continue reading