New York Cosmos: Silence Is Golden

Quietly working to join MLS?

New York, NY - The one question I’ve been asked on a regular basis is what will my first New York Cosmos article of 2012 be about. Will it be a nostalgic piece? Will it be about the latest news? Will it be a statement from current Front Office staff.

It’s none of the above. My first New York Cosmos article of 2012 will be the end of the Cosmos as you know it.

The sooner we accept that the 2012 Cosmos organization is not the 2011 organization nor even the 70′s Cosmos, the easier it would be for us to hold them to our expectations of joining Major League Soccer.

After a boisterous beginning in 2011, the New York Cosmos simply self-imploded themselves into a state of silence. For an organization that once shone it’s logo throughout NYC like the Bat-Signal it’s now a flicker of it’s former self.

If it wasn’t for the organization’s occasional Tweet and Facebook comments along with their priced-reduced Umbro merchandise topped with their Supporters comments, the Cosmos would be as nonexistent as the New Jersey Generals of the United States Football League (USFL).

Thanks to photos, interviews and videos, 2011 reminded us why many of us loved the Cosmos. While the Cosmos past was nice to reminisce about, it was the Cosmos Copa, BW Gottschee/Cosmos Academy and the Paul Scholes testimonial which provided us a glimpse of the future. With both the Academy and Copa beautifully entertaining us through their play, many of us believed that it was a matter of time before an announcement was made of a possible return.

Ironically, the only return many of us witnessed was the one of Paul Scholes himself. While BW Gottschee/Cosmos Academy is going on, the Cosmos Copa is no longer run by Spencer Dormitzer and Chris Noble. Not having both men involved with the Cosmos Copa is similar to replacing the Beatles with the Monkees. Interpret it as you want… I like both bands.

Legally the Cosmos Copa is owned by the Cosmos organization but us hardcore followers know the tournament was originated by both men. With a front office Management Team now reduced to three (as seen in, the only question that lingers is who’s running the New York Cosmos?

Giorgio Chinaglia? Pelé? Eric Cantona? Shep Messing?

I don’t know. After a year of exciting and inciting their Supporters, the Cosmos organization has taken a vow of silence. To be frank, that’s not a bad thing. By focusing (hopefully) on their goal of joining Major League Soccer, the end of 2012 should be a clear cut indication of whether the Cosmos will ever be revived or not.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again to the folks currently running the NY Cosmos… the only result that Cosmos supporters here in New York City as well as other parts of the world wants to hear in 2012 from the Cosmos is that they’ve officially joined MLS.

I’ll respect your organization’s silence as long as you don’t shower us with photos and videos of the past. Don’t show us photos of who’s wearing your merchandise… simply give a professional club. Agreed?

Anything else from your end is simply a filibuster…


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One Response to “New York Cosmos: Silence Is Golden”

  1. Cosmos Fan
    February 6, 2012 at 9:15 am #

    Good article

    Also, dont forget the U23 PDL team has also been canned! (which leaves the questions as to what Giovanni Saverese is now doing??)

    Academy is still going well though - pre-season training well under way - trip to a tournament in Germany for the U18′s and the College showcase in Texas at the end of June - however, with the U23′s now canned, any player from the U18′s will now need to look elsewhere to continue their soccer developement…………which is just crazy

    So at the end of the season, all of the hard work put in by the coaches to the U18′s will be lost either to Colleges or other PDL teams - not quite sure how that makes sense for a team trying to get into the MLS?

    But it would be good to hear something………..anything on what the plans are for Cosmos (if anything), going forward?

    The new owners took over towards the end of October 2011 - that is enough time for them to at least have formulated some plans/thoughts/actions for the future and keep the fans updated

    So hopefully something comes out sooner rather than later!!

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