This is Cosmos Country Blog — June 6, 2013 at 7:15 pm

Join the Borough Boys and La Banda Del Cosmos for a Sunday BBQ


Support and Join! (Image Credit: La Banda Del Cosmos)

Many of the Borough Boys and La Banda guys will be getting together to kick around, get to know each other and play some tunes (and of course sing). We will be meeting at Flushing Meadows Park by the Van Wyck expressway at 1PM on Sunday, June 9th.

Some will bring grills, but we are doing this as an informal thing to bring your own food/drink. We of course will let you use any grill that is there. This is a public park so there will be no alcohol available.

First of many events. There will be a bucket to help fund the instruments and TIFO of the supporters section. If you could kick in it would be much appreciated. For more information, here.


Image Credit: New York Cosmos

Image Credit: New York Cosmos

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