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Empire State Building: Interacting with Cosmos Fans


Almost there… #CosmosReboot (Image Credit: Cesar Diaz)

New York, NY - The only thing interesting about Pelé’s lighting the Empire State Building on behalf of the New York Cosmos were the fans in attendance. In an event that that was open and free to the public, I believe the audience learned that there’s no such thing as “free” in this city.

With members of the Media crammed side by side trying to take photos and video of the event, the fans in attendance were in no position to get a clear view of the ceremony. Anyone who follows us, knows that I always make it a point to interact with you.

At the end of the day, I’m not there to impress the Cosmos. I’m there to cover an event that I will write about in the manner I see fit. If my role is to be the small uncomfortable pebble you occasionally find in your shoe, then so be it.

I have a belief that no matter how advanced technology becomes, it’s no substitute for human interaction. I want you to know that I’m there in person covering events and that technology or any Media Giant will never replace the love, pride & hard work that goes into my craft.

Honestly speaking, I love the challenge in finding another angle any event covered by the Media Masses.

Much like our lives, there’s a beginning which will ultimately lead to an ending. What truly makes us the unique individuals that we are the middle piece of our lives. Which leads back to today, I’ve been fortunate to have met Pelé, Carlos Alberto and Marcos Senna in the past.

If I had worked that event, this is what I would have done. After the lighting ceremony, I would have had the Media open up like the Red Sea and have Pelé, Carlos Alberto and Marcos Senna walk up to the audience in attendance so they can take photos of all three stars. That way everyone would have left early and have a wonderful story to share.

The one thing I love about being part of ThisIsCosmosCountry is that I’m able to explore the angles of covering one team and their audience. For example, I enjoyed taking the cameras and and smartphones of several fans so I can take a couple of photos for them.

Even though majority of them weren’t able to meet Pelé, at least they know someone in the Media tried to make the most of their situation while interacting with them. Simply put, I love talking with fans because they make the coverage experience most enjoyable. And with that said, here’s a couple of photos from today’s event.

The Mass Media…

Players and Front Office Staff come and go but the Fans remain…

You know them? (Image Credit: New York Cosmos)

Image Credit: New York Cosmos

Nice Pic (Image Credit: New York Cosmos)

This photo was texted to me… Congrats, My Friend!


  1. Here’s a new question for you;
    How can the Cosmos break there dependence on the nostalgia factor to maintain fan interest in the team? We can’t have Pele hold our hands forever. I love the Cosmos history and it is important to honor, but how can we get people to accept the Cosmos 2013 for who they are?

  2. I’m glad that kid got his jersey signed. We were all waiting outside together and they just blew past us and ignored us all. Poor showing, I felt. I’m sure he was busy, but there were only 5-6 of us. And all that after none of us could see the ceremony.

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