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Ask The Question: Too Much Nostalgia?


So what ever happened to Harold the Chimp?

Aces asked:

How can the Cosmos break their dependence on the nostalgia factor to maintain fan interest in the team? We can’t have Pele hold our hands forever. I love the Cosmos history and it is important to honor, but how can we get people to accept the Cosmos 2013 for who they are?

Here’s my answer to Aces’ question:

Hi Aces, what a question! The politically correct answer would be to insult your intelligence by telling you the Cosmos know what they’re doing. This is kind of question that can get me in trouble and that’s okay because I’ll only write about it. 

Just to be clear, I’ve addressed this to the front office and their predecessors in the past. How can they break their dependence? It’s simple, they should pick my brain and implement some of my ideas. I’m serious as a heart attack about this.

I clearly know what I bring to the table and so do the Supporters Groups and fans who have met me in the past. In today’s Spanglish-speaking America, I represent both the American and Latino population. Yes, I am passionate about writing but I’m also a cold, calculating professional. I am weird but I’m also bloody effective at what I do. 

By no means am I suggesting the front office hires me but in today’s era of social media sports coverage, you need consultants who have a pulse to the audience you’re trying to be reach. When it comes to the Cosmos, I’ve often asked them the question, “Do you want to be right or do you want to learn?”  Let’s be honest, posting photos of the glory days is easy but if it’s done repeatedly, it becomes hack. 

Now that I’ve shamelessly plugged myself, let me answer your question.

The first thing I would have done is compare the #CosmosReboot to the 1971 -1974 Cosmos. If I had their archives, I would have plastered photos of those years on both the Facebook and Twitter accounts on a regular basis. Another thing I would implement is a “On This Day” tweet and status update because it’ll educate the younger fans

By focusing on that era, you’re setting realistic expectations that it’s going to be a struggle but in time, we may or may not return to the glory years. Another thing I would have done differently is interview fans who followed the Cosmos during that era. On top of that, I would have interviewed younger fans to add a balance. 

Knowing the followers the Cosmos have throughout their Social Media outlet, I would invite local writers, photographers and videographers from small paper and online publications to occasionally contribute to for both the Cosmos and Cosmos Copa sites.

What better way to demonstrate one’s commitment to their community than bringing in local talent? While it may not be as exciting as a Media Giant covering a blockbuster Cosmos event but here’s a question. After August 3, what form of media outlets will show up to cover the Cosmos on August 24th? In layman terms, endorse the local talent you know who covers you on a regular basis.

I can go on and on with more ideas so I’m going to stop answering this question.

Aces, you asked another important question. How can we get people to accept the Cosmos 2013 for who they are? Here’s a question for your question? Do you want their Truth spoon-fed to you or do you want the Truth that you’re seeking?

Refer them here and have them follow us on Twitter @CosmosCountry1. Have people ask us questions at anytime. What we lack in resources and manpower, we make up in creativity, resourcefulness and grit. As impressive as the Cosmos archive collection is, I’m willing to bet ours isn’t so bad. 

Anyone can hold the keys to Museum but very few are willing be do the work of an archaeologist and be Indiana Jones. By following us, you’re supporting a volunteer-based online publication. So ask, suggest, volunteer with us… let’s create a Truth that is based on our questions, our thoughts, our research and our interaction with others throughout Cosmos Country.


  1. After tomorrow’s opening ceremonies the focus of the team, it’s media and communications need to focus on the current team, the current players and the current league. I agree with Cesar’s “On this Day” concept, but only for things of interest .. like results against the upcoming opponent, significant player accomplishments and classic victories. The website and all social media should be squarely focused on the current players and the events in our communities which the team is involved. If this “Reboot” is going to be successful input from the core supporters and access and free flow of information from the team will be paramount … The Cosmos need to respect and honor the past, but … they need to make the current team the priority … and affordable to families … and the success will follow!

  2. I remember the Emirates announcement… All the attention on Pele, which I understand, but all the new players in a corner, ignored like stepchildren. We can’t have this happen anymore. Forget media coming back August 24th, what about fans? Are people only going tomorrow to see old celebrities? Is this the kind of culture the new Cosmos have created?

    • Hey BG, that’s the one question Michael Lewis of BigAppleSoccer.com and myself have often asked, how much of a drop (if any) will there be in attendance. I agree with everything you’re saying. And that’s why I’m asking all of you… how do you want to see this club covered? The thing with culture is that we can either adapt to it or stand there and say, “f*ck no! and creatively create our own.

  3. I love the past just as much as any Cosmos fan but i will be there for the new guys and the ReBoot.

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