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The Home Opener Press Box Situation


Nice view from the Press Box

New York, NY - A few weeks ago, I appeared on the Vuvuzela World Soccer Show to address my concern about local media being pushed aside in favor of the media sports giants. You can listen to it here.

Prior to the show, I spoke with the show’s founder Eric Nash on the phone and told him that I wouldn’t be surprised that come the New York Cosmos home opener, I’ll be relegated to covering the game from the stands.

Understanding that Pelé, Carlos Alberto and several other Cosmos legends would be in attendance, media accommodations would be in demand. It’s great for the club but challenging for local online publications who faces the reality of being bumped off by a media giant.

Early Friday, the Cosmos emailed members of the media that the Press Box is at it’s capacity. As a result, they’ve created an overflow section outside of the Press Box to try accommodate the rest. However, should you fail to RSVP, you will not be guaranteed a seat. On top of that, there’s no outlets or tables to work from.

Since I was a recipient of the that email, I’m speculating that I didn’t make the cut to be in the Press Box. I wonder if anyone from Sports Illustrated or ONE World Sports received the same email? How about Fernando Fiore? I’m willing to wager that I’ve covered more Cosmos-related events combined than the Media Giants who will be present on Saturday.

Now to be fair, the Cosmos have apologized for the inconvenience and assured all accredited media will be able to participate in the post-game press conferences featuring Pele, Carlos Alberto, Giovanni Savarese and current Cosmos players. Truthfully, I’m not surprise nor discouraged by the situation.

In terms of not being able to post articles and photos moments after the game, it’s a setback but a blessing in disguise. For the past few months several members from the Borough Boys, Sagan’s Army and La Banda Del Cosmos have asked me if I’ll be joining them on Saturday or covering from the Press Box.

With my my fate being potentially sealed, I contacted the front office and told them I don’t mind covering the match with the fans. On so many levels, this is best scenario for all of us. Either way, I was want to see the Cosmos field a team.

The only thing I’m going to ask from the Cosmos front office is to reserve a Press Box spot for our youngest reporter, Andrew Haubner. At 18-years old, Andrew is a native New Yorker who currently attends the University of Colorado at Boulder.

With aspirations of globally covering soccer, he’s a double major in International Affairs and Broadcast Journalism. Following the home opener, Andrew returns to Colorado in order to resume his studies. Imagine what covering a game of this magnitude can do for a young man like Andrew?

I’ve said all that I’ve needed to say. We’ll see you tomorrow…


  1. That’s some ol BS Cesar but we got room for you in the points. Just don’t get mad if our jumping knocks your notepad out of your hand a few times

  2. Why don’t you ask the FO? Maybe it will be first come, first serve.

    • Thanks Aces! Hey JerichoWhiskey, I thought about it and no. You’ll be there for the Scorpions match?

      • Yes, I will be. Whether it means with Scorpions supporters or just the endline, I am not sure of yet. I will have to get in touch with the Crocketeers again.

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