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Coverage Exchange Initiative: Let’s Work Together!

Follow Us: @CosmosCountry1

Follow Us: @CosmosCountry1


New York, NY - Now that the Cosmos are competing in the North American Soccer League (NASL), we’re exploring ideas on how to provide you the kind of coverage Cosmos Country deserves.

One idea I have is having rival supporters clubs cover away matches for us while introducing us to their match day culture. Click here to read. However, I knew there was a missing ingredient that I needed.

Thanks to Pedro Heizer, founder of 90MinutesStrong.com, he helped complete my idea on how to cover road matches.

By extending his olive branch in the form of a Tweet to cover the Cosmos away match against the Strikers for us, he completed the recipe. Eureka, it was right there in my face all along!

Let’s have an NASL Coverage Exchange Initiative! If you have an online publication and you’re unable to attend a your club’s away match against the Cosmos, then we’ll cover it for you. Meaning that along with our match recap, we’ll provide you match photos as well as try to get your questions in during the postgame conference.

In exchange, you’ll do the same for us when the Cosmos competes against your club.

In addition, we ask that you credit us, our staff and plug our publication and Twitter Account. Without a shadow of a doubt, we’ll do the same for you. With so many Media Giants out there, local online publications like ours need work like the five lions and merge into Voltron. By taking this route, we’ll be giving our audiences authentic live coverage.

For any publications who wishes to be part of the Coverage Exchange Initiative, please contact me at [email protected]. In the case, this idea has been explored in the past, I apologize. I’m a strong believer in strength in numbers and creativity. With that said, we look forward to working with you.

Thanks Pedro! Follow him at @90MinutesStrong

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