5 Points present Sebastian Guenzatti with Player of the Year award at fundraiser

Sebastian Guenzatti [Photo: Eytan Calderon\TICC]

The 5 Points fundraiser on Saturday night was a massive success, bringing together fans and supporters of the New York Cosmos and honoring former player Sebastian Guenzatti with an award as the winger and current players Danny Szetela and Juan Guerra were all in attendance. Continue reading

Cosmos supporters move from asking questions to demanding action, change in ownership

Just under two weeks have passed since the 5 Points, the New York Cosmos’ supporters, issued a joint statement requesting answers from the club on the status of 2017.

Since then, no answers have been forthcoming outside of minimal comments made by Seamus O’Brien. But, rumors and reports abound about the state of the club, massive debt, and players being shopped.

The only things that are known is that players have been released and staff have been furloughed.

As a result, the 5 Points have moved from requesting answers to demanding action, specifically the sale of shares belonging to Cosmos Chairman O’Brien and Vice-Chairman Jeremy Wilkens, and the reinstatement of all staff and players, along with payment of any debt owed to them. You can read the statement below.

For immediate release


NEW YORK (December 5, 2016)- Over the course of the 2016 season the Cross Island Crew, La Banda Del Cosmos and the Borough Boys (Collectively known as the 5 Points), have continued to give their unwavering support to their soccer club, the New York Cosmos.

Today, the 5 Points demand that Seamus O’Brien and Jeremy Wilkins sell their controlling share in the New York Cosmos. We ask for this to happen immediately in an effort to save our 2017 season that would allow us not only to defend our 2016 NASL Championship but to also continue the legacy of the New York Cosmos for years to come. Their improper management has brought us to the brink of existence and the 5 Points asks for a resolution to this impasse immediately. Furthermore, we ask the current owners for the immediate reinstatement of all staff, players, and coaches as well as the payment of any debts owed to them.

Any questions can be directed to Christian Lucero or Cesar Trelles at [email protected]

Disclaimer: Outside of social media accounts that bare our name and releases such as these, the 5 Points are not represented by any media outlets, podcasts, or blog sites that may reference our name or refer to us in any capacity. For further information on the 5 Points we can be followed on Instagram & Twitter @5_points_nyc or via the previously mentioned email.

Five Points supporters request answers from Cosmos

The Five Points at the 2016 NASL Final [Photo: Steve Hamlin/TICC]

2016 was an incredible year for the Cosmos fan as Giovanni Savarese led the club to their second straight Soccer Bowl title and third in fourth years, the second straight title won at home in front of Cosmos fans. Juan Arango became the team’s all-time leading scorer and claimed the NASL Golden Ball as he, Carlos Mendes and Ayoze all earned spots in the NASL Best XI.

But the Cosmos’ problems off the field have continued. A pattern of silence has led to more questions than answers from the club. While fans were happy to have the title game be in New York, the decision to play the Final at Belson Stadium in Queens was a decision that was widely looked upon unfavorably.

And now, even their supporters want answers.  Continue reading

Your Cosmos Country Needs You: Love Means Never Having to Say…

How you holding up, Cosmos Country? It’s been a rough couple of weeks around here, huh? While back-to-back wins make it feel like things are getting back to normal, most of the questions that surfaced in Sport’s Illustrated’s ill-timed surprise are still unanswered. And as noted here earlier, deafening silence from the club has a lot of us feeling antsy.

The joy of this column is that we get to look at every problem as a marketing challenge. So while my colleagues are wondering what happens in a post-NASL future, and pondering the possibilities of domestic pro/rel (say THAT three times fast!), we’re taking a look at what is often the toughest simple thing for a club to do. How do the Cosmos say they’re sorry, and get us all to move on? Continue reading

Cosmos and Revs fans have history…a good history

There has been a lot of talk about poor behavior from fans in football recently. Whether it is at home or over in France, it seems fans are painted in a bad light and while every sport has their share of fights amongst fans, its not always publicized when soccer fans actually get along. This is the mysterious story of how two sets of fans became friends. Friends now, but as expected, they will be enemies for 90 minutes come Wednesday evening.

Continue reading

5 Points Player of the Year awards presented to Cosmos for 2015

Award winners Jimmy Maurer and Sebastian Guenzatti (Photo Credit: Eytan Calderon)

On Thursday evening, the 5 Points held a ceremony to present their annual Player of the Year award and their newly-created Young Player of the Year award. Continue reading

5 Points hold fundraiser at Legends

On Saturday night, the 5 Points hosted their annual fundraiser at Legends in New York City. In addition to dozens of members from the section, various members of the front office attended such as Jeremy Wilkens, a member of the club’s senior leadership, as well as Assistant Youth Director Ronan Wiseman.

Numerous prizes were raffled off, like game worn jerseys from the Fresno Fuego friendly and tickets to the Under Armour kit reveal on Wednesday.The Soccer Bowl made and appearance and a great time was had by all, and it was so much fun to see many familiar faces from the section! The 5 Points are certainly ready for April 3rd to be here.

Here are some photos courtesy of TICC member Eytan Calderon. You can see more on our SmugMug album here. Continue reading