NASL Roster Moves in March: First Half

Moves were fewer and fewer in March so we decided to split the month in half and sum up the changes here.

The Cosmos remained active, making a pair of changes, but the probable winner of the this edition was Rayo OKC.

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NASL Roster Moves in February: End of Month

With some clubs deep into preseason, a few final touches are being made by most clubs with the expansions sides trying to finish their first-year rosters.

Few moves were made around the NASL in the final stretch of February, but one of those moves was made by the Cosmos.

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NASL Roster Moves in February: Week Three

To nobody’s surprise the roster moves are becoming less as we head into preseason.

The Cosmos had their first scrimmage and friendly, Tampa Bay continued their involvement in the Suncoast Invitational, United TBD headed to Portland for their own tournament, and Rayo had their first scrimmage. But some moves were made and the last team without a player to its name, Puerto Rico FC, corrected that issue by signing two of them

Here’s a look at the roster moves around the league in the third week of February.

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NASL Roster Moves in February: Week Two

Time to have another look at the state of NASL roster moves as we move into preseason and the clubs finalize their rosters.

While the Cosmos put on a decent performance in their preseason match against LIU, I did find it interesting that they were the only club this spring that did not add any new pieces this week. Wondering when we’ll see added depth to the squad.

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NASL Roster Moves in February: First Week

As the league’s teams enter the month of February, we’ve seen them begin preseason training and prep for friendlies just around the corner. But that doesn’t mean league transfers are over. They’ve slowed down somewhat, but clubs are still making moves and finalizing their rosters. The most new acquisitions came from the expansion sides, but many of the league’s sides made some sort of move to kick off the month.

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NASL Roster Moves in January: Final Week

The final week of January continued to see teams work on their rosters. Not too many additions this week across the league, except for Rayo OKC, who continued to make some of the more interesting signings of the week. But, more importantly for Cosmos Country, we FINALLY saw some more new faces join the club.

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NASL Roster Moves in January: Week Two

With the Cosmos and Rayo OKC finally making moves last week, all existing clubs in the NASL, minus Puerto Rico, have finally added new faces to their rosters. Here’s a summary of how the second week of January changes went (plus a few Carolina notes we missed in week one).

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New year, new line-ups: NASL team building continues

We’re just over a week into 2016, and NASL teams have roared into the new year with more signings. At this point, the only teams without player signings announced are Puerto Rico FC (starts in fall 2016), Rayo OKC (admittedly getting a late start…and our Cosmos.

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NASL Transfers: End of Year Edition

Since our last update on league transfers, there have been plenty more moves made by clubs around the league as they strengthen their ranks for the 2016 season. Fewer releases in this update, but a flurry of signings all around the league except for one or two teams, most notably, the defending champions.

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