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Covering Soccer Final with Grant Wahl


At NIKETOWN for the official introduction of Jurgen Klinsmann as USMNT Head Coach.

New York, NY - This article concludes my two-hour interview with Sports Illustrated senior writer, Grant Wahl. There are other topics we discussed and those will appear in my Writer’s Cut edition somewhere in the future. The year is young and I’m looking forward to interviewing the other soccer journalists in our area.

Now that I’ve completed my interview with Grant, I’ll be taking a week off. When I return, you’ll read my interview with Juan Mesa of Manzana Pecosa. Thanks again for reading and I’ll see you soon! Follow me at @Gritwriter.

Covering Soccer with Grant Wahl articles

The NY/NJ Soccer Journalists I will be interviewing:

  • Jack Keane, Football Factory
  • Juan Mesa, Manzana Pecosa
  • Michael Lewis, Big Apple Soccer
  • David Martinez, Empire of Soccer
  • Nick Chavez, Soccer Newsday
  • David Kilpatrick, NY Cosmos Historian
  • Jack Bell, NY Times
  • Zac Wassink, Freelancer

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