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Covering Soccer 103 with Juan Mesa


Meeting Giorgio Chinaglia was one of favorite moments. (Credit: Mario Ramos)

New York, NY - Hey Cosmos Country!

I hope you’re enjoying your Sunday. If you’re in the area, then brace yourself for the upcoming winter storm. If you’ve been coming to our site for the past few days, then I hope you’ve been reading my interview with Juan Mesa of Manzana Pecosa.

From Colombia to Miami back to Colombia to Nueva York, Juan’s journey in becoming a soccer journalist is interesting. He’s a Red Bulls fan who been following them when they were the MetroStars. It’s no secret that I’m a Cosmos fan who was literally at the right place and the right time when the Pelé announced the return of the Cosmos. Regardless of who we follow, we both love covering the NY/NJ soccer scene.

With that said, here’s Covering Soccer 103 with Juan Mesa.

Covering Soccer with Juan Mesa articles

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