15 June 2010


If you have been following The Borough Boys movement from day 1, you will probably have a laugh at this picture as well! This was in today's New York Daily News in their "Bramhall's World for June 2010" section. There will be those that take this picture and think this is just a coincidence and then there are those that will say this means something deeper.

Recently, there has been mention of the Wilpons possibly reopening talks with Major League Soccer about a possible stadium and team in Queens and while there is no evidence to suggest that this is a reflection on those talks one can see the irony as it is published just one month later.

Most will say this is just an artist's portrayal of the growing interest in soccer around the city. However, if you are one who thinks there is a deeper message about a possible MLS team, just hope that the tequila shots were flowing.

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