31 October 2009

RFQ Verbiage - what can be built?


When The Borough Boys met with Fred Wilpon last year, they were told that any Soccer Specific Stadium for an MLS side would be built in the parking lot where Shea Stadium once stood. As we know, since that meeting so much has changed. The economy tanked and it’s been reported that the Wilpons lost hundreds of millions with Bernard Madoff. We might not ever know how close we were to seeing a ground breaking at the old Shea Stadium site.

So over the past year, while things have been very quiet on the Major League Soccer expansion to New York front, we started noticing some signals.

27 October 2009

RFQ at Willets Point Issued!


A Situation The Borough Boys are keeping an eye on closely, The New York City Economic Development Corporation has issued an RFQ (Request for Qualification) for the Willets Point project.
To put this easy, this is just a step that identifies potential developers for the site but it is something that we should keep an eye on as it might play a role in our dream for a New York City based Major League Soccer Team.

21 October 2009

Can Hockey Freeze MLS Plans in NYC?

By: Nasty Nick

Interesting story out of New York City Tuesday - well other than the Henry to Red Bull rumors: Any chances of a second MLS team in the area might hit a freeze, literally!

According to the New York Daily News, the Borough of Queens is about to make a pitch to land the troubled New York Islanders hockey team. The odd thing about this is that they are rumored to want to build a brand spanking new arena in the Willets Point area, which if we remember an interview with Major League Soccer Commissioner Don Garber, was the possible location for a potential second New York City club.