16 May 2011

Hedging your Bets

Over at the MLS website; I was reading on the "Kick Off" that Don Garber was in talks with local political leaders in the city of Las Vegas. So upon further query I clicked on the article from the Las Vegas Sun to seek further interest into this very announcement. Why do you ask?

Well my answer to this question is another question; is this the same Don Garber who just a week ago was talking about the great state of Minnesota being one of the leading candidates for expansion? (Your wondering why I said state and not city? 1 in 4 Minnesotans lives in the Hennapin county and 3 in 4 live in the Minneapolis/St Paul metro area; so basically the whole state is where the stadium is going to be.) So I was really curious as to what in the world great commissioner Don Garber, leader of the American soccer movement and ambassador to the world's game was going to tell Las Vegas. But to my surprise the article does more to talk about the development of the stadiums and arenas and does less to talk about the league and its teams. Even more so at the end it states this little ditty that might put most of you at ease and certainly made me feel better especially after I was shot down by a girl again this past weekend.

Still a long way to go: The bill has to pass -- and that is far from certain,
although Garber's calls may help. And then MLS has to agree to site a franchise
here. And Milam, who has put down money to buy the 51s, still has to prove he's
for real to some people.

So for right now this whole situation means nothing unless the bill passes, the developer shows the tax payers he's real, and the league says yes to expansion here. Plus if you add time here it might take three to five years for all of this to happen and in that context it might be more viable to move Chivas USA then to expand via a new franchise. Only time will tell but I wouldn't bet on LV unless you are at the Casinos.