14 August 2011

Curtis Martin interested in MLS


Today, the New York Times' Blog revealed that ex New York Jet Curtis Martin has shown interest in Major League Soccer and was even in Manchester for the Cosmos match on the 5th to speak to the group about involvement. While Martin will not be pushed into a deal, he offered these words. 

“Right now, I’m just interested in learning more about the soccer culture,” he said. “I’ve never really understood the rules, and in my mind, it’s like basketball. I’m learning more, and it’s getting pretty exciting.”

Curtis! If your out there, The Borough Boys will gladly help you learn about the culture! 

Another point of interest here is that once again Citi Field  is being mentioned as a temporary home to a MLS team.

"Nevertheless, Citi Field hosted two international soccer games this summer and Dave Howard, a Mets executive vice president, said the stadium could become a temporary home for a New York-based M.L.S. team. Whether the Mets might be able to seek a larger role, perhaps in the construction of a soccer stadium near Citi Field, is unclear.

“We’ve had good discussions with Don; he’s terrific,” Howard said of Garber. “We share his view that soccer would undoubtedly be successful in Queens.”"
Don Garber continues to focus on New York City and is always quick to state that the Cosmos have competition, but it makes you wonder why he has never mentioned possibly pairing some of those investors together. 
Doesn't take a mathematical genius to figure the equation out.
Cosmos (legacy and current branding) + Wilpons (Temporary venue and interest of soccer in Queens) + Other investors (Capital) = Team in New York City


11 August 2011

5 Points Press, Issue 5


Check out our sister publication, 5 Points Press brand new issue:

08 August 2011

Cosmos disband Cosmos Academy West.



The New York Cosmos have disbanded Cosmos Academy West and apparently it will be engulfed by Major League Soccer outfit Chivas USA.

A statement from the club read:

"It is important for us to continually restructure and reconsider our strategy as we get closer and more focused on our long-term goals and objectives. Unfortunately, in the direction we are headed, Cosmos Academy West will not be able to function or exist given the parameters that a professional soccer team in New York City must follow."

As you can see from this statement, things are moving and getting closer. This had to be done before the Cosmos could enter MLS. This is very good news! 

Reflection of the Paul Scholes Testimonial Day

(Picture Source - New York Cosmos)

New York, NY - Since the start of the revival of the New York Cosmos, there was talk of the Cosmos playing “inspirational” games which would consist of random soccer stars along side of talent from their academy. With that said, it shouldn’t come as a shock when more of these fixtures are played.

If you watched the New York Cosmos vs. Manchester United, then you watched and I quote an “inspirational” team which was outclassed by one of the world’s top teams. However, if you are Cosmos fans and/or possibly the original New York MLS team, you were most likely smiling afterwards.

If you’re going to try and analyze Friday’s performances of both clubs over a testimonial match, then you’re basically wasting your time. The reality is that the result isn’t as significant. Traditionally, a testimonial match pays homage to the player who has spent 10 years with a club.

And on Friday, Paul Scholes was the honoree who was being praised. Not only was he being recognized for his contributions at Manchester United, he went out in style as he blasted a beautiful goal to open up the scoring to give his beloved Red Devils a 1-0 lead.

The Cosmos fans who congregated in abundance (100+) to Legends on Friday afternoon did not let the 6-0 score keep them down. They did not let Marvin Iraheta’s foul in the box get them angry.  

No, the Cosmos fans were in high spirits following the match. For most of the fans in attendance at Legends and most likely for fans who watched at home, there was one moment that sent a chill down their spines.

Seeing the Cosmos emerge from the tunnel as they walked to the pitch at Old Trafford generated a thunderous roar in Legends. A roar that translated to “Holy shit this is real”.  

With that monumental moment fans now excited and singing throughout the match and after the match; they were so hungry for more that the most popular question was “How do I get more involved with the fan movement?”

It’s a tough spot for Cosmos fans right now. Friday’s testimonial wasn’t a horrible match for the club. There isn’t going to be another contest for the Cosmos next week. Fans who are behind the Cosmos have no other choice other to go home and simply wait.

Wait for the news…  let me rephrase that, if there will be a day, where a 6-0 loss would sit in our stomachs all week until the next kick off. So, while this and I loosely stress the word “match” most likely brought in some great revenue and publicity, it also did something else.

For the citizens of Cosmos Country, it increased their desire for a top flight soccer club in New York City. Way into Friday night, many remained and visualized what it would be like if the Cosmos were able to secure a stadium deal in New York City and get join Major League Soccer.

Along with the clinking and chugging of beer, we literally buzzed ourselves into a psychedelic visualization of game day atmosphere, road trips, tifo and the amazing Hudson River Derby we would have against Red Bull New York or the New York Red Bulls, or the Emirates Cup winners.

One has to imagine if this game meant so much more to the front office who are working hard on making a MLS team happen. While this had to be a great moment for Paul Kemsley and Terry Byrne, it might have also made their job a bit tougher, because it made the fans hungrier. 

05 August 2011

Brief Conversation with Cosmos PDL Player Marvin Iraheta


New York Cosmos vs. Manchester United
Brief Conversation with Cosmos PDL Player Marvin Iraheta
By: Cesar Diaz

New York, NY- On Friday, August 5, 2011 at 2:30PM EDT on Fox Soccer, the New York Cosmos will become the first American team to ever field a team at Old Trafford when they face England’s legendary Manchester United in the Paul Scholes Testimonial match.

Whenever I see the New York Cosmos and Manchester United together in a sentence, I can’t help but think about how close the Cosmos were close to acquiring Manchester United legendary midfielder George Best back in 1975. Of course the deal fell through but nevertheless, it made for wonderful reading.

New York Cosmos Honorary President Pelé and Director of Soccer Eric Cantona together have assembled a competitive squad consisting of seven Under-23 Cosmos players and 10 former World Cup stars. With players such as Fabio Cannavaro, Brad Friedel, Robbie Keane, and Patrick Vieira to name a few, this Cosmos team maybe able to do something that the MLS All-Stars failed to do against Manchester United and that’s simply score a goal.

To be honest, I had no intention of even writing about this historic match for the simple fact that many publications would. Original plans were to simply hang out with my brothers and sisters from the Borough Boys and watch the contest from Legends NYC (6 West 33rd Street) while pounding a couple of pints of beer.

02 August 2011

Temp Venues, Opus and meet the players


The Cosmos Opus looks like a must have for Cosmos collectors 
(Photo taken from www.nycosmos.com)

It has been an active few days in Cosmos Country as the build up to Fridays clash at Old Trafford is producing some interesting news. Terry Byrne spoke recently about a potential temporary stadium solution for the Cosmos while they continue to finalize plans for the long term.

"Discussions with the league are ongoing over the potential for a temporary solution as a two or three year stop-gap."

This is actually a very big development for Cosmos. There is no secret that a stadium will take a few years to build, and if their ambitions are to get started by 2013 or 2014, a temporary stadium solution will need to be in place for a year or two. If the Cosmos can finalize this temporary deal and they then produce a viable long term solution, which seems to already have traction with the city, then the MLS will not need that much more time to make their decision.

Within the city, there are only a few temporary options for the Cosmos. The first is Kraft Field, the home of Columbia football that seats 17K and would be a nice venue for matches. It is accessible via subway as well as Metro North, however parking in the area is limited.

Then there are the two baseball stadiums. Yankee Stadium would be nastalgic being the Cosmos played there back in the day, but if there is going to be a baseball stadium utlized, Citi Field would be the leader as the Wilpons are very interested in soccer in their community, and not to mention, rent could be a nice piece of extra change in their pockets.

It seems that things are moving pretty well in terms of getting a team in New York City but nothing is etched in stone. Until Don Garber says the words, then we all have to keep the fingers crossed. It can be said though, it seems we are closer now than we have ever been.

Festivities have started surrounding the game in Manchester this week, and today the Cosmos announced they will be releasing the Cosmos Opus in late 2012. This looks to be a MUST HAVE for Cosmos fans as it promises to be a fantastic tribute to the clubs legacy.

Finally, you should watch the video the Cosmos posted on their site introducing the members of the Cosmos Academy that are heading over Manchester. Start recognizing a few of these faces because they just might be walking out of the tunnel for first kick should the MLS deal get finalized.

C'mon the Mos