20 September 2011

Site Identified?

Talksport radio is a fantastic spot for EPL fans to get news and information on the league as well as other aspects of sports in Europe and even sport in the Untied States. 

They did an interview today with ESPN's Mark Donaldson and on that interview Mr. Donaldson said that he has spoken to Shep Messing and that the Cosmos are desperately trying to get into MLS around 2014 and the big quote from Mr. Donaldson is that "They have identified a site up in Queens in New York"

Click here for the Audio and start listening around 3:10

This conversation is all started because they are speculating about David Beckham's future. Donaldson said the Cosmos are looking for investment and Beckham would be a perfect fit. 

The news here that they possibly identified a final stadium spot in Queens.


Olde New York said...

Finally some good news! Don't let the haters dissuade the movement...

Leo Glickman said...

In my honest opinion, Shep doesn't know what he's talking about. I don't think he has any greater information than we do.