29 November 2011

Academy Paid

As you might have already heard, the New York Cosmos have made a payment to Gottschee to fulfill their August obligation to the Academy. While the payment was late, it must be seen as a positive development that the new owners honored this payment. A few weeks back the Cosmos ownership, through the Borough Boys, sent a message to the fans stating they would honor this obligation.

Today we received this statement from Gottschee about the payment.

As you may have heard, Blau Weiss Gottschee just recently received its past due 
(Aug 1, 2011) sponsorship payment from the new “New York Cosmos” owners, which constituted a significant portion of the Club’s expected funding for the fall 
season. While Gottschee is very gratified for the payment and cautiously 
optimistic regarding both the new Cosmos owners and that Gottschee will be able 
to resume the plans it had for its Academy and Club programs in the near future, 
a great deal of planning and work needs to be done to put things in order and to 
transition the Club back to a sound footing. Those decisions depend heavily upon 
the new Cosmos owners meeting further commitments for the upcoming winter and 
spring, due soon.

Thank you
BW Gottschee Board

Hopefully the Cosmos will pay their second installment of $250,000 due on January 1, 2012 to BW Gottschee and the fans can start focusing on a potential MLS team, which according to a Mike Lewis Report, is still the goal for the new Cosmos owners. 

For now we say "Thank You" to the new owners for making this payment and hope that soon the fans and owners can meet to discuss how to build a relationship that has recently been put to the test. 

For an interesting take on the whole thing, see Chris Dobens' piece at Totalfootblog.com.

I have also been informed by one of the parents that the fund raiser for Gottschee will go on as planned for Saturday night. We will post the details a little later.