08 November 2011

Statement from Cosmos

Today a representative from the Cosmos front office reached out to Nick Laveglia, the Borough Boys president, to follow up on the recent news surrounding the Cosmos Academy.

During that call the Cosmos assured The Borough Boys that the goals of the organization remain the same - entry into MLS -- even under the new ownership. The transitional phase to the new ownership has taken longer than expected.

As you may know by now, the Cosmos have only partially paid its contractual obligations to BW Gottschee, which has caused the Academy serious financial hardship.  However, the Cosmos assured us that the Academy is a TOP priority and said that the situation with BW Gottschee would be rectified.

Laveglia took the opportunity to explain the fans frustrations over the past few months.  They understood, and repeated that the goal was entry into the MLS.  We certainly appreciated the outreach, and hope that the actions follow the encouraging words.


Anonymous said...

Who did you speak with? Name? Why have these people not contacted Gottschee?
Thanks for the update

Anonymous said...

As I can see N Y Cosmos is what it used to be History

Anonymous said...

My boy played with U 15New York Cosmos academy,but we left the Academy because there is too much money what they are asking to continue on it.$3600 t0 $4500 per season.... just to play soccer,its crazy

Anonymous said...

New York Cosmos,once more become what used tobe HISTORY.unfurtunally no new owner,no one in the righ mind will invest in these soccer team as it is.


Okay - we were told the meeting was being held with Terry Byrne and the new owners yesterday, with the Academy supposedly "Top of the Agenda" - so do we have an update on funding, when will it be received, etc.............or is that again to be gragged out for another 3+ months and settled eventually in court?

I know several parents from the U16's/U18's who are anxiously waiting the news as they CANNOT afford to pay around $5000 - the U18's have a trip looming to Boston and then the Showcase in Florida - many parents cannot afford to pay the $1000 for these 2 trips either - so we need an urgent response - Giovanni confirmed at the meeting on Monday he would communicate directly - so WHERE IS THE CONTACT AND UPDATE??? - I would have expected something today - does anyone have further info or when we can expect details

The Academy could be about to lose a lot of players if this is not resolved quickly - this is pathetic frankly and I hope the people and "fans" in NY remember this issue as Cosmos try to move to the MLS, IF it is not resolved this week

Anonymous said...

Well , Friday has came and gone - despite what was said at the meeting last Monday, by Giovanni, that he would communicate with parents - NOTHING HEARD YET AGAIN - THE COSMOS SILENT TREAMENT RETURNS!

I suppose it is only 150 kids, only an academy and only $210,000 - why worry about it in the bigger picture


Anonymous said...

Ohhh we will, big chunk of the 35,000 cosmos facebook fans are due to its academy!!!
we all remember this when its time to but season tickets.

please take care of your kids, and you will guaranty 10k-15k season ticks holders.

Anonymous said...

I guess no payment will arrive any time soon, time for player to go find alternate teems that would be more affordable.

Anonymous said...


“Please assure the coaches and parent of our players that I will return from London by Friday with an answer.” - Terry Byrne’s statement read by Cosmos Academy Director Giovanni Savarese on Monday, November 7, 2011 to the parents of the Players of BW Gottschee


Yet another broken promise, this time in front of parents - these guys appear to be trying to do everything possible to **** off the whole community they hope to get support from

In the interim, they have players travelling to Boston this Friday, who have been told to pay for their own food ($75),trying to scrape a route together to get there by sharing cars, or look at trains, etc, handed a training jacket, which in most cases is 2 sizes too small and shorts which are 2 sizes too big (though they were told if they roll them up they will be fine), coaches and fitness coaches that no longer attend as they do not get paid................. what an embarassment

And still the parents and players wait to hear what will happen to the Academy - what will happen in 2 weeks when they are looking to go to Florida - who will pay and what happens if players cannot afford to pay?


Anonymous said...

the kids at all ages are traveling on their own expense. the U12 academy are in CA this weekend, the U16 and U18 are traveling too.
the Ironic thing is that when they Win, the Cosmos will take all the credit for it and will post it on their web site.


Just been sent this from a friend

This is the first e-mail from Giovanni to parents - they had hoped it would answer the concerns they have or respond as HE PROMISED HE WOULD DO ON THE 11TH NOVEMBER - but no, it was simply a threat to the players

No idea what the background to this is, but I guess some players are now concerned and starting to look around at options…………..and can understand why!!

I hope this email finds all of you well.

Firstly, I would like to thank all the players and parents for their help in driving all the players this past weekend to Boston.

I would also like to take this opportunity to inform all of you no player will be authorized to participate in any college visit, college clinic, college camp, high school training, high school all-star games or select game or any other event which may conflict with Academy training or Academy games.

Please remember, per the Academy Regulations, activities or competitions after the traditional fall high school season is completed are not allowed (examples: high school all-star matches & college showcases).

A player will be excused only if they inform their coaches regarding any exams, ACT, SAT, etc, players may have to take during the Academy Season.

We understand how important the education of our players is and we advise our players to work hard in school to be successful. We also are and will be very supportive in helping players through the process of finding a college.

However, everything has a time and moment to be organized and we want to make sure you are clear about your commitment when you accepted the academy roster position with the NY Cosmos, which requires participating in practices.

Players who do not full fill their obligations or do not follow the guidelines/rules may face suspensions or other penalties.

We encourage you to speak with your coach in order to inform us of your college plans for the future. We are committed to work with all of you as much as we can in order to make your goals possible.

Thank you.
G Savarese
NY Cosmos Academy Youth Director

So Cosmos threaten players that if they do not full fill their obligations…………….they may face suspensions or other penalties

Are they ******** crazy

What about Cosmos fulfilling their obligations to BWG and to the players themselves - players signed up for a “free to play” contract - not $5000+ per year

What penalties do Cosmos face for the breach of their obligations?

Now lets look at the Boston trip

Players had to pay to get to Boston themselves - 400/500 mile round trip

Players had to pay $75 for food……….for $75 they got 2 bottles of water, 2 subway sandwiches and a pizza (or some pasta)…………………….for $75!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Players/Parents are now waiting to hear how much they are to be charged for the Florida showcase..........IN 7 DAYS TIME!!!

Several players have already confirmed that they cannot afford to pay for the trip to Florida - so what happens with them?