31 July 2010


The Cosmos informed us tonight that Pele as well as Carlos Alberto and Giorgiao Chinaglia will make an appearance tomorrow at the COPA NYC final. The game is at 4PM at Flushing Meadows Park. For details, please visit www.copanyc.us.

Come down and cheer on the former Cosmos with the Borough Boys as we get ready for what might be the second coming of the storied franchise.

Cosmos to buy Queens Youth Club?


Tomorrow (Sunday, Aug. 1), at the COPA NYC final, we are hearing there will be an announcement that the New York Cosmos have bought BW Gottschee, a local queens soccer club.

Gottschee, founded in 1951, has been one of the nation's largest and most successful clubs.

The New York Cosmos are a sponsor of the COPA NYC:


28 July 2010

Something done in the next 12 months?


This quote comes from SI.com.

"Garber: If we could write the book, the next chapter would be a second team in New York. We're working hard to achieve that. We've been spending time talking to potential investors, doing a lot of planning to figure out how to make the economics work. The Red Bulls have been very supportive of having a hometown rival. I hope our 20th team is in New York City. We've got a lot of work to do to achieve that.

SI.com: Would it be in Brooklyn, Queens or somewhere else?

Garber: We're looking at a number of different sites, sites in Queens for the most part, and not just at Shea but Long Island City and Flushing Meadow Park. So we have three particular sites we're looking at. But we have a lot of work to do to get something done. It's a very difficult market, very crowded.

SI.com: What year would you be hoping to start that team?

Garber: It certainly wouldn't be any earlier than 2013, and we're racing up against a deadline to get it done by '13. In order to get it done by 2013 we've got to get something done in the next 12 months."

So, with that being said - we now see they are "racing" against a deadline. Can we see something done in the next 12 months?

Long Island City? We hear at This is Cosmos Coutnry feel its going to be next to Citi Field.

So can at this time this summer we be speaking about signings and potential coaches?

Keep me crossed everyone!

27 July 2010

C'mon - Give us something new!


While it is always good to see that the league wants another team in New York City we would like to see a bit more information from any of the parties involved.

"We are very focused on trying to have that 20th team in New York - a second team in New York, a rival for the Red Bulls," he said in an interview Tuesday.

"We have got a lot of work to do to achieve that. We may or may not achieve that but that is our goal and our main focus for the 20th team. That would be pretty cool," he said, confirming any new team would be in New York City proper.

This is the quote from the linked Vancouver Sun article and with the Major League Soccer All-Star game tomorrow, we were hoping for a bit more substance. However, the continued mention of NYC being their main goal for 20 is still promising and we can all rest assured that there is indeed movement behind the scenes.

24 July 2010

Cosmos ball appears again!


The New York Cosmos ball that appeared on our message boards a few months ago has re appeared and this time being played with by some Manchester City players. Where will this ball appear next? Maybe at the COPA NYC?

14 July 2010



COPA NYC reported today that Julio Cesar will be playing for Team Brazil in the two week tournament starting on July 24th.

07 July 2010

Garber: "20 we hope to be in New York"


If you listen to this podcast where they interview MLS Commissioner Don Garber, Expansion comes up at about the 6:30 mark. Here are some of the quotes from Don Garber:

"Very focused on a 20th team, we hope that that team can be in the New York Area"

"We would like to have a rival for our Red Bulls"

When speaking about the Southeast he says "At some point"

 and finally he says it again "20 we hope to be in New York"

Strong words by Mr. Garber! 

06 July 2010

nycosmos.com has been redone!


www.nycosmos.com has been updated and not only does it have a hot video with some great highlights but you can also send them your email address! Check it out! 

05 July 2010

PK says December Launch?


According to this report, Paul Kemsley speaks of the Cosmos and a potential launch date.

"Mr. Kemsley, in a brief telephone interview last week, declined to comment on the lawsuit but touted a new project—reviving the New York Cosmos soccer team. 

"We are going to launch in, probably, December," he said, adding that the project "includes apparel, grass-roots soccer camps for youth, an inspirational traveling team and, eventually, a fully competitive side.""

03 July 2010


While we are all in World Cup mode, a few Cosmos things have caught our eyes:

First is this picture of a Cosmos Ball that mysteriously found its way on the Borough Boys Message boards.Not sure exactly what park this is but that ball is clearly a new Cosmos ball.

Secondly is this picture taken by one of our members in downtown Manhattan. It is a picture of a New York Cosmos logo posted on a lamp post. It should be noted that the new headquarters of the Cosmos is located in that area as well.

While this is not much, its good to see the owners of the Cosmos like to tease their fans a bit!