26 February 2010

What league would they play?


There are two glaring questions by the naysayer whenever the New York Cosmos return comes up. Where are they going to play? and what league would they play in?

I focus my attentions on the second question as it is a very interesting topic. In the complex cluster-fuck that the USSF has created and called the US Soccer tree we know that the MLS is the top tier and this newly formed NASL/USL the second. It would make most sense that the Cosmos return be in a top flight league, with a top flight stadium in a top flight city, however sometimes things are not all that easy.

Sorry for lack of posts

I will have another post up sometime today but personal life has been very busy this week.

22 February 2010

Brainstorming anyone?


This is a picture on a public website for an advertising company located in New York. Notice something in the dab middle of this photo? While still blurry you can make out "Authentic Game day Jerseys" as well as possibly the words "Professional Team" in the pyramid on the left.

The right side of the Cosmos section you see the word "Lifestyle" which can make you to lead that it will be more than just a club on the pitch. 

Little by little hints are being dropped and after a while you start to think that this is not by mistake.

18 February 2010

American Outlaws NYC: Philly Bus

Every so often we will take a break from the Cosmos related material to keep you up to date on the National team and the American Outlaws NYC chapter.

The Borough Boys and the NYC American Outlaws are putting together a bus and ticket package for the US Men's National Team Match against Turkey. The Match will take place at Philadelphia's Lincoln Financial Field on Saturday May 29th at 2pm. The match will be the final one before the Yanks head off to South Africa for this summer's World Cup. Don't miss your chance to send the Men's National Team off in style. As always the tickets will be in the Supporters Section with the American Outlaws and Sam's Army, so Be ready to stand, sing and cheer as you watch the best America has to offer. We will have exact figures regarding cost of the trip soon, but what we can tell you is that a deposit to reserve a seat on the bus will be due sometime in April. 

16 February 2010

NYC: USA Viewing Party

 USA vs. El Salvador
Wednesday February 24th
7PM Eastern Time

Come watch at:

Jack Demsey's Pub
36 West 33rd Street 

(Between 5th and Broadway)
(212) 629-9899 phone
[email protected]

12 February 2010

Umbro Rumor


In response to a rumor going around that Umbro has bought over the Cosmos, we would just like to state that we are certain that UMBRO did NOT buy the Cosmos brand. They might be talking about other business opportunities but NOT a SALE!

This information comes to us from a very reliable source.

11 February 2010

NYC Stadium Update


The Joint venture spearheading the NYC soccer stadium effort has been in touch with the Borough Boys with an update.

To get financiers to commit, they need commitments from the City that a stadium can be built, and to get a site commitment from the City, they need to know that the financing will become available. A catch-22 for sure, but they have attracted a Washington area large scale real estate investor/developer with roots in NYC who has joined them in talks with City officials.

With the financing taking serious shape, they have engaged in further talks with officials from the City's Economic Development Corporation, and they seem genuinely impressed with the proposal and the team's ability to realize its goals.

There are no guarantees here, but things continue to take shape. The financial community and the City are serious about trying to build a great soccer stadium in NYC and a very workable site for the stadium has been identified.

 They really look forward to going public with more details, and they will. For now, all they ask is that we keep building support and excitement for Pro soccer in NYC.

(Note: The stadium pictured above is not a rendering of any potential stadium. That stadium is under construction in Gdansk, Poland)

10 February 2010

Copa NYC - New York's other World Cup

In June, all New York soccer fans, in fact most of the world, will be tuned into South Africa for the 2010 World Cup finals. This event, which takes place once every four years, is really the climax for all soccer fans. The tournament is viewed all over the world and even those who say they are not fans of soccer watch to support their native country.

After the final whistle is blown most of the world will have to wait four more years for that kind of tournament again. In New York, however, it’s just a matter of weeks.

08 February 2010

2010 PDL schedule


Are you a fan of the local PDL teams? If so, please click here to see the 2010 regular season schedule

05 February 2010

Photo series: Seeing Cosmos


So one member has started a photo series which we have decided to call "Seeing Cosmos". Yes, Yes it is very corny but this person is very excited about the Cosmos possibly return and has decided to share with us how he sees Cosmos Country in all his photography.

Enjoy, there are more but we will show them one at a time.

03 February 2010

Cosmos set up shop in NYC?


According to this blog Monorex, A London based design agency, was in New York to work on a number of different projects, one of them being the photo above, listed as "Stika gets his paint on for the New York Cosmos brand new HQ"

While all this is not confirmed we should say hats off to the artist. Well done lad!

02 February 2010

NYC Soccer Photos


This photo was sent in from one of our members, who also is working on a series of photos for this site.

If you have a great photo of soccer you would like to share with your fellow fans, feel free to send it to [email protected]

Those who have followed The Borough Boys from day one know the irony of this picture! 

01 February 2010

What is thisiscosmoscountry.com?

Much like Getstuckin.com, this sites predecessor, we want to make this website/blog for the fans.

We are well aware that we are not writers, reporters, press or any of the above and will not pretend to be. We are just bloggers, define that as you will, who are working on a project.

So please spare us your “you guys are horrible writers” comments because we are aware. We are not in this for a career in journalism. We are here to help build momentum and excitement for a team in New York City. So:

• Have an old story you want to share with us about the Old Cosmos?
• Have old pictures you want us to post?
• Want to do old player/game profiles?
• Want to send us pictures or videos from anything NYC soccer related?
• Want to promote your NYC Soccer event?

If you want to do any of the above or something else, just contact us at [email protected] and we will gladly help you out. Lets get New York excited and behind this team. This is Cosmos Country!