13 May 2011

MLS in Minnesota? The Plot Thickens

Major League Soccer has recently confirmed that there is contact with a group in Minnesota to potentially bring a franchise to the twin cities.

The Wilf family, who are the owners of the Minnesota Vikings, want to put a team in the Vikings proposed new stadium in Arden Hills, which is about 7 miles outside of downtown Minneapolis. This stadium plan is not completed though as legislators are opposed to the project because the local county would have to impose taxes to pay its share. So while MLS speaks of its intentions,  it appears that there is going to be a game of tug of war with the stadium.

Is it something to worry about? Of course! Look, it is almost June 2011 and there is still no public stadium plan in New York City. The league and New York Cosmos state that they continue to work with the city on a stadium solution, which is positive news, but until all the details are finalized, nothing is certain.

There also exists the possibility that Major League Soccer has come public with this to motivate all involved to get something done in New York. There is a bit of grandstanding going on between the league and the Cosmos and this a way for the league to make the statement "we have options".

The plot thickens in the chase for the 20th MLS expansion spot.


Anonymous said...

i belive its has something to do with the red bulls they want some money for the sharing of the market here in the tri state area...