30 November 2010

Trans-Atlantic Cup


By: Stephen Brandt

This is going to be an interactive blog, in that I need your help. I was browsing the Borough Boys message board one night looking for stuff to post about, and came across this topic. Unfortunately, there aren’t any real sources for Cosmos game stats. (I hope I’m wrong on that). So here’s a great rundown of what happened in the 1981 Trans-Atlantic Cup. 

There are sometimes when I do these blogs, that I find a topic and want to do more than a page, and then there’s some days that there are some subjects I just don’t have the greatest amount of information from. One such thing is the Trans Atlantic Cup in 1981. I would love, and be honored to update this blog at a later time if I get more information.  From my searches this is all I could find about the Cup, and it was from the Celtic fan posts around the net.

11/07/1981 Seattle Sounders 3-1 Southampton [in Seattle]
12/07/1981 New York Cosmos 2-0 Glasgow Celtic
15/07/1981 Seattle Sounders 2-1 Glasgow Celtic [in Seattle]
15/07/1981 New York Cosmos 2-1 Southampton
17/07/1981 New York Cosmos 3-3 Seattle Sounders [att: 40,000]
17/07/1981 Glasgow Celtic ` 2-1 Southampton

1.Seattle Sounders 3 2-1-0 8- 5 5
2.New York Cosmos 3 2-1-0 7- 4 5
3.Glasgow Celtic 3 1-0-2 3- 5 2
4.Southampton 3 0-0-3 3- 7 0

**Comment anything you find on the Trans-Atlantic Cup. 

Here are some photos we found

28 November 2010

Cosmos Academy East wins 3-2


The Cosmos Academy East beat South Central Premier Soccer 3-2 on a cold and windy day at Aviator Sports Complex.

17 year old David Diosa of Jackson Heights opened the scoring for the Cosmos and 18 Year old Moriken Sangary of the Bronx netted the second and third goals.

We are hoping to have more coverage of the Academy on this site as the season goes on.

24 November 2010

MLS CUP 2010

Here are some of the Borough Boys' photos from MLS Cup. We had a few members in Toronto for the match and we had a small party at Jack Demseys that had about 50 people. The New York Cosmos also showed up and gave away some mini balls and t-shirts.

 For all the photos, visit our Flickr

23 November 2010

The Case of Bobby Smith

By: Stephen Brandt

IF you are going to build a team, what better thing to do, than get a direct order from your newly acquired superduper star Pele. Part of the conditions put on the Cosmos from the drawn out signing of Pele, was that the team had to sign good to great players around the great man. And rightfully so, wouldn’t you want talent if you were the greatest player in the world?

Such is the case of ex-Cosmos defender Bobby Smith. While not a World beater or Carlos Albeto, he was a very good American player, being capped for the national side 18 times before 1973-1980. Bobby Smith was born in Trenton New Jersey (ah so he was born to be a Cosmos), on March 28, 1951.

He was drafted out of Rider University in the second round in 1973 to the Philadelphia Atoms, who proceeded in their first year in the league run to the NASL championship game. Unfortunately for them they weren’t able to match that success. He was recognized as one of the top defenders in the league at the time, a perfect candidate for a New York Cosmos shirt. Also in 1975 he was the first native born US player to be named to the First Team All Star team.

That all set the stage for being sold with Bob Fury to the Cosmos for 100,000 dollars. He would spend three years with the Cosmos, win two more NASL titles, and be a second team All Star, in 1976. However, by his third year, the Warner Communications Jet was flying all over the place, bringing in the top players, so Smith lost his place, only playing nine games in his last season with the Cosmos.

Bob spent three more years in the league with: San Diego Sockers, Philadelphia Fury, and the Montreal Manic. In 1981, he retired to New Jersey. He currently owns a bar, and runs his own Soccer Academy. In 2007 he was inducted into the National Soccer Hall of Fame.

21 November 2010

Soccer Bowl 1977

In a nod to today's MLS Cup final, here's a rather hilarious clip of
Steve Hunt's cheeky goal in the 1977 Soccer Bowl against the Seattle Sounders.
The Cosmos won the game 2-1.

17 November 2010

Ljungberg a Cosmo?


This report hints that the New York Cosmos are looking to make a deal with former Arsenal player Freddie Ljungdberg. How do you feel about this? Signing players before your "officially" a club?

16 November 2010

Garber: Meeting with City, Wilpons and Cosmos

On todays "State of the League" conference call, Major League Soccer commisioner was asked about the Cosmos and he stated:

"Very focused on our 20th team in NYC. Meeting with the City, Wilpon family, Cosmos as well as other investors."

He once again enforced they are trying to get something done by 2013. We have every reason to believe that the Cosmos and Wilpons are working together, rather than against each other. Now its just getting the deal done with the city for a stadium.

14 November 2010

Gordon Bradley - Player, Coach, Cosmos Legend


By: Stephen Brandt

Starting my teaching career as the Professor of Cosmos History, I could have gone many different ways. I could have told you guys about Steve Ross, Pele, or Shep Messing. But instead, I found one of their former coaches, Mr. Gordon Bradley. Not only did he coach the club to its first Soccer Bowl victory, but also played for the club.

10 November 2010



Pele's debut game with the Cosmos in 1975.

08 November 2010



Why does a thirty one year old man from Buffalo New York who works for a college bookstore want to write about the NY Cosmos? It’s quite simple, they were the club which got this guy into the sport. Allbeit, a little late, but good things come to those who wait.  My name is Stephen Brandt, and I’m that guy.

I wasn’t born in enough time to witness the orignal Cosmos in person, or on television. As you all know, the growth of the internet and media has made pretty much anything that was filmed easily accesible.  The Once in a Lifetime Movie, is one of my favorite’s of all time. From that I abused the search function of Youtube for anything that was Cosmos related. And yes I still consider Pele the best player ever.

So what makes me a writer? Well I’ve blogged on many EPL teams to find my voice, and finally was able to settle on my first love for soccer, Liverpool FC. I have Danish blood in me, so any club who had Jan Molby on it was good. That and their fans are just nuts. Oh, Kenny Dalglish is my favorite non-this side of the globe player.

I have my own blog on Liverpool http://kingkennyskop.blogspot.com/.

However, I’m not here to write or talk about Liverpool. I’m a Cosmos Supporter too. Why I am starting to write right now on the team, is because my undergraduate degree is in history. There’s a lot people who will becoming supporters and will need a quick, and weekly reminder why the Cosmos were, are, and always will be the greatest NY club. 

This is Cosmos Country welcomes Stephen and we look forward to history lessons.

06 November 2010



Giovanni Savarese showing his support for The Borough Boys

03 November 2010



Back in the Spring, the Cosmos shared with the Borough Boys that they planned to be playing soccer in their own stadium in MLS by 2013.  We were thrilled of course, but also a little skeptical.  Did they really think they could get a stadium up somewhere in NYC by the start of the 2013 season? 

Now the Cosmos and the league have upped the ante.  They have gone public with the idea that an MLS team will be playing in NYC in 2013.  Though we certainly hope our skepticism is proven wrong, we have our doubts. 

In New York City, you don’t just decide to build a stadium and start digging a foundation.  There are multiple levels of government approvals you’ve first got to go through.  It’s called the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure and is known by its acronym “ULURP”. 
You start with a draft

Environmental Impact Statement that you submit along with the rest of your application to the Department of City Planning.  You haggle over the draft with the DCP until it certifies your application and then it goes on its long strange journey of approvals starting with the local Community Board to Borough President to Borough Board and the City Planning Commission.  If you get those approvals, your application is then sent to the City Council for a “yea” or “nay” vote and if approved, it goes to the Mayor for signature. If you want more information about ULURP, here’s a handy diagram: http://www.nyc.gov/html/dcp/pdf/luproc/lur.pdf.  I must warn you, however, to make sure your head is securely fastened to the rest of your body, lest it fall off while trying to figure it out.   
There’s a lot to do, but it does not necessarily have to blow up the 2013 idea.  ULURP is actually designed to take less than a year.  But the problem is that you don’t just first roll the idea out as the ULURP process begins.  There is a lot of hoeing to do before you can plant the stadium seeds. 
The Community Boards are made up of 50 citizens appointed by elected officials.  The ULURP process is one of the only areas of real power they have.  And they don’t exercise it with a soft touch.  In our experience, they are by inclination against large scale development.  Community Boards are invested in the status quo of their neighborhoods.
If the plan is indeed on the Wilpon land, the application will have to go through Community Board 3, covering North Corona, East Elmhurst and Jackson Heights.  Mind you, this is a district with two major stadiums in it already; Citi field of course and Arthur Ashe stadium, home of the US Tennis Open. 
If you think the neighborhood takes pride in these two world renowned facilities, you would be very wrong.  Leaders in the community, including elected officials, do not like Citi field or the USTA and the crowds their respective facilities bring without any demonstrable neighborhood benefits.  If the stadium was unveiled as a Wilpons project to the Community Board tomorrow, the thud of failure would be heard from here to North London. 
There are further complications which we will just mention briefly.  There is the impending redevelopment of Willets Point, just across 126th Street from the Wilpon leased park land.  To glom a third stadium in addition to the crowds and traffic Willets Point will eventually bring will be a tough sell to the community.  Another complication is the additional exit ramps from the Van Wyck that a stadium would require.  This means not just government money, but approval from our State legislature, a fresh, new level of government which - though led by my beloved Democrats - might actually be the most dysfunctional in the United States. 
All of this isn’t to say that it can’t be done.  It can be done.  The Borough Boys have talked at length with local elected officials and community leaders and they have told us they are willing to be supportive of a soccer stadium if, but only if, it accommodates community concerns and includes community benefits, of which there will be many.  We  are concerned that this stadium plan might have gotten off on the wrong foot.  The Wilpons only reached out to the key local government official after their interest hit the papers.  Faux pas right there!
But even if it can be done, can it be done by 2013?  Presumably, the major players in the project, the people who have invested money and time into it, have an interest in maintaining their reputations.  We can only assume that their stated beliefs to have a stadium ready for 2013 are based on a real concrete plan.  To be fair, they deserve our benefit of the doubt right now.  We can tell you however, that no Environmental Impact Statement has been submitted to the Department of City Planning, no attempts at outreach have been made to Community Board 3, and other than the one phone call mentioned before, no groundwork has been laid with local elected officials. 
If there is a hope in hell to get a stadium built by the 2013 season, the time to get going on this is now!
The Borough Boys are in full support of this venture but as fans, it is also our job to be critical when there are questions to be raised. The Borough Boys are also here to help this venture as we all want the same thing, which is to be in a stadium in Queens in 2013 singing on the Cosmos.
*For the sake of full disclosure, the author is the lead of a development team who has submitted a Statement of Qualifications with the City’s Economic Development Corporation to build a soccer specific stadium at the Willets Point location.  Nevertheless, this is an honest assessment of the 2013 time-line that has been proposed by various stakeholders in the MLS2NYC project. 

02 November 2010



Here is a report where Gio Savarese talks about the Stadium and that the funding is in place not only for the stadium but for the league fee.

"We have the resources for the construction of a stadium. Also, the money needed to be accepted to Major League Soccer is now available."

Gio also talks about the development of the academy and discusses how they are playing a style of football they expect the first team to play and points to Barcelona style of play as "where we would like to get"

"The style of soccer we are talking about is about showmanship. The Cosmos was about showmanship in its prime and we want to continue that. A team that touches the ball. A team that gives off a vibe of happiness. The players in game can express themselves in this manner."

Great news that the funding seems to be completely in place and its exciting to actually be able to start thinking about a style of play from the Cosmos. HOWEVER, there is still one question supporters have is "Can a stadium really be built by 2013?" This is still a point of concern as most supporters want to see this team in its own stadium for the teams first kick in MLS!