30 November 2010

Trans-Atlantic Cup

By: Stephen Brandt

This is going to be an interactive blog, in that I need your help. I was browsing the Borough Boys message board one night looking for stuff to post about, and came across this topic. Unfortunately, there aren’t any real sources for Cosmos game stats. (I hope I’m wrong on that). So here’s a great rundown of what happened in the 1981 Trans-Atlantic Cup. 

There are sometimes when I do these blogs, that I find a topic and want to do more than a page, and then there’s some days that there are some subjects I just don’t have the greatest amount of information from. One such thing is the Trans Atlantic Cup in 1981. I would love, and be honored to update this blog at a later time if I get more information.  From my searches this is all I could find about the Cup, and it was from the Celtic fan posts around the net.

11/07/1981 Seattle Sounders 3-1 Southampton [in Seattle]
12/07/1981 New York Cosmos 2-0 Glasgow Celtic
15/07/1981 Seattle Sounders 2-1 Glasgow Celtic [in Seattle]
15/07/1981 New York Cosmos 2-1 Southampton
17/07/1981 New York Cosmos 3-3 Seattle Sounders [att: 40,000]
17/07/1981 Glasgow Celtic ` 2-1 Southampton

1.Seattle Sounders 3 2-1-0 8- 5 5
2.New York Cosmos 3 2-1-0 7- 4 5
3.Glasgow Celtic 3 1-0-2 3- 5 2
4.Southampton 3 0-0-3 3- 7 0

**Comment anything you find on the Trans-Atlantic Cup. 

Here are some photos we found


Leo Glickman said...

Really cool. Celtic had a tough time, but at least beat those saints. Up the north americans!