30 September 2010

Cosmos in contract with Umbro

The Cosmos brand makes the cover of one of England's top Soccer magazines, four four two. They will be marketing kits and other paraphernalia under a contract with Umbro. This of course begs the question "what about the exclusive Adidas contract with MLS?" 

Nevertheless, we wouldn't expect that shirt deals would be the difference between the Cosmos becoming the NYC MLS team or not. Time will tell. 

The UK edition of the magazine will be on sale October 4th, and available in the US sometime in November. The jerseys will be available in December for $75 


Anonymous said...

YES! finally my club is starting to take shape. and with a snazzy kit thats not made by communist adidas. im defiantley buying the mag and the kit for collection. but yes i still wonder what about communist adidas deal with MLS? im sure garber will say that is a big no,no if cosmos soccer club is to join mls. but im sure something will be worked out. as long as Cosmos Soccer Club becomes the premier Club in the heart of New York City im happy even if i have to endure the pain shame of adidas kits.

Leo Glickman said...

"Communist Adidas"?