05 January 2011

Beckham and Cosmos in secret talks? (Article taken down)

((Edit: Article has now been removed by Goal.com, for reasons unknown ))

As "reported" by Goal.com

“I don’t think he will sign permanently for Tottenham or any Premier League club,” a senior MLS source told Goal.com UK. “He can buy a franchise at half the price it is worth. Then it is his choice to keep it and run the club or allow somebody else to buy it off him and make a nice bit of money.

“Terry Byrne is heavily involved in the franchise and talks have been held about Beckham taking over and becoming the owner or part-owner. Kelmsley has the brand but Beckham has the buy-in voucher. I have heard that he will buy the New York Cosmos and establish them in the MLS in 2013 and might even play for them as well in two years’ time.”

Intresting reporting, though it might be worth taking with a grain of salt when the author of said piece thinks the capital of the United States is New York City.


Lax Guy said...

I know that the Beckham-Cosmos link rumors came up long ago, but the Tottenham loan rumors seem to add credibility. Especially with Kelmsley's connection to Tottenham...
I would not be surprised if Becks plans on buying out his Galaxy contract or otherwise does not play for them this season.

Nick said...

LAX guys brings up a point i have said to a few people. The Tottenham - PK connection.

However, a complete buyout is a bit drastic IMO