26 February 2011

Garber: "Other markets 21st or beyond"

Major League Soccer Commissioner Don Garber spoke again about the 20th expansion spot and NYC. This time with AOL Fanhouse.

FANHOUSE: You've committed to adding a 20th team (Montreal joins as the 19th in 2012). Are you willing to put off other prospective cities and investors in order to ensure that the 20th team is in New York?

GARBER: We have been very focused on our 20th team being in New York. We're not close to being done with that. But it still remains our goal, and therefore the other markets that we remain in discussion with will come in as team 21 or beyond.

This is all well and good, but it is now at a point where hearring the same message has gotten tiring. Just come out and update us where you stand with NY2. Enough with the "we are focused" but rather tell us what is the update in terms of stadium talk and which of these "potential owners" leads the pack.

Garber speaks of all these other investors and the Cosmos are the only ones in the public. He should come public with other investors, if not, stop playing games, sit down and finalize this deal.

We understand that there is a need for discretion on some topics but at this point, after months of saying the same thing about 20th team, the NYers are getting frustrated and it could turn them off from MLS. Is that what Don Garber wants? It is curious why he is not embracing the excitement around the Cosmos. This is a fantastic PR chance for his league but the longer this prolongs without serious news, the more chance that fans will start to drift away from the idea.

Fans are frustrated and want answers. The Cosmos have seen the frustration, but it might be time that Garber feels those frustrations as well.

The positive thing for fans to take out of this, is that Garber all but says NY will be the 20th team, although we will beleive it when we see it.