24 February 2011

Supporters to hold Q & A with the Cosmos front office

The Cosmos had an event last night to launch their Spring 2011 line.
Members of our supporters club spoke to key members of the front office and
a Q&A with the Cosmos will be held in the coming weeks.

It has been proposed that the Borough Boys will host an event in the future that will hopefully feature key members of the front office answering important questions the fans have been asking. The goal is to have the likes of Paul Kemsely and Terry Byrne speaking to the fans about the issues.

This is our opportunity to come face to face with the owners and staff of your possible new club.
Stay tuned for more information right here at thisiscosmoscountry.com.
Regular updates including venue and date will be posted in the near future.

(( Last night's photos were taken by a Camera phone, sorry for the low quality.))


Christina L said...

That green and blue jacket is looking right! Hope the Q and A session is fruitful and you guys get some real answers soon.

Anonymous said...

The only real answer$ you are going to get, will be weather you want you jacket in blue or green.

Brandon S said...

anonymous, cool story bro.

Bay2Burgh2Borough said...

a step in the right direction Mon ya 'Mos!

Anonymous said...

that is a sick jacket in blue and green.