06 February 2011

Cosmos vs. Dortmund.

By: Stephen Brandt

Let's his the way back button for a bit here, on October 13, 1981

Borussia Dortumud of the German First Division defeated the New York Cosmos that day, 4-2 in their second loss of the European Tour of that year. Giorgio and Ricky Davis got the goals of the match for the Cosmos, and it was the fourth so far for the great Italian on the tour. They played before 10,000 people.

As with everything I write about the Cosmos, I would love to know your thoughts on the game, fan photos, and anything you guys can dig up on this match. There are people out there, who read this who will have seen the scoreline in the 1980's. I want everyone to be apart of the history of the Cosmos.