27 April 2010

Wilpon Still Interested in MLS Franchise?


Interesting story today, this time from the New York Mets organization. Is Wilpon really ready to get his feet wet with MLS? And how does this fit in with the possibility of the New York Cosmos rebirth? Tell us what you think.

22 April 2010

MLS Expansion happening soon


According to the Associated Press Major League Soccer is all but set to announce Montreal to the league and this is very deserving. For those who don't know, the Impact supporters are some of the more loyal in US and Canada and the team drew over 50,000 fans to a Champions League quarterfinal match two seasons ago. A competition that a lot of fans don't seem to take very seriously. Congrats to Montreal! Here is a piece of the release:

13 April 2010



I have often admired the Bundesliga.  I think it has its fair share of stylish football, and there’s always someone new to challenge Bayern’s hegemony.  Mostly though, I’ve admired the large and passionate crowds every time I flip over to a Bundesliga match.  The Dortmund games, regardless of their position in the table, always have a hugely impressive atmosphere. 

Today there was a great article in the Guardian about the Bundesliga’s success.  It’s here:  http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/blog/2010/apr/11/bundesliga-premier-league.  It got me thinking about (again) the future of American soccer. 

11 April 2010

Garber mentions NY2


Watch this video - about the third minute Garber talks about rilvarly and says something to the effect of "just think if we can get a second team in NY"

Then later (about 4:40) he is asked if NY is ready for a second club and he says that he thinks it is ready and the Red Bull think its ready too.

With Montreal about to be announced, does this put NY back on the map for the 20th spot? We know this one thing about Garber from our meetings with people of MLS. If he says something in public, there is some weight behind it.