22 April 2010

MLS Expansion happening soon

According to the Associated Press Major League Soccer is all but set to announce Montreal to the league and this is very deserving. For those who don't know, the Impact supporters are some of the more loyal in US and Canada and the team drew over 50,000 fans to a Champions League quarterfinal match two seasons ago. A competition that a lot of fans don't seem to take very seriously. Congrats to Montreal! Here is a piece of the release:

"Commissioner Don Garber says the league also would like to return to the southeast, either to Atlanta or South Florida.
"We're confident that we'll be able to announce a 19th team shortly, and our hope is that 19th team will be in Montreal," he said Thursday during a meeting with the Associated Press Sports Editors."

Now there are some who are thinking that this means that the 20th team is going to be in Atlanta or South Florida but I don't think that is the case. Garber does not know where number 20 will be just yet. I have an idea where he would LOVE it to be but he does not know for sure. 

""Eventually I'm sure we'll get back to the southeast broadly and Florida more specifically," Garber said. "I'm not quite sure what the timing is of that. but I can't image this league will be fully expanded without having a team in Florida or south of Washington, D.C. We continue to have discussions in Atlanta. I think Atlanta's a good sports market, also has some competition for its size, but lots of youth participation and a massive and growing Mexican population in Atlanta. Those are probably the two places where we look, South Florida and Atlanta, as the next places in the southeast.""

Look , what Garber is saying is true, to be a true league in this country (and Canada) you have to include the South East and he states that he will get there but there is no time limit. I believe the league will go back to the southeast in time and they will most likely be in the mix for that 20th spot but this does not mean that they ARE going to be the 20th spot. Just ask our friends the Eads Brigade in St. Louis.  So please do not think that this means that we are NOT IN THE MIX for the 20th spot.

Hey, anyone hear that the Spurs are going to be in town this summer??? Interesting no? 

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Anonymous + May 4, 2010 1:31 PM (#) :

i live in florida so of course im rooting for a spot in florida but i am a new yorker so i want a club in the city. i refuse to support a soda drink team in NJ.