08 September 2010

Garber "short window to get something done"

Yesterday on MLS EXTRA TIME RADIO, Major League Soccer Commissioner Don Garber once again talked about NYC expansion and while most of his statements were more of the same, he did state that the window to get something done is small.

Clearly this quote raises some questions as in the past Don Garber has hinted that there is no rush to get things done and yet now there is a "short window"?

The positive spin on this latest quote is that you have to imagine that something would get done sooner rather than later, but one has to wonder if there is a deadline before the league looks at other options for the 20th team.

One bit of speculation that was put to bed in this interview is that any new NYC team WOULD NOT ground share with the New York Red Bulls. The commissioner stated that if New York City happened it would be in a new stadium, hopefully in Queens.