19 January 2011

Cantona signs on with Cosmos, as should you

Welcome to New York Eric Cantona.

There is something comical about a man with the nickname "the king" signing on to work for a team that might play in Queens. If you are a fan of the Borough Boys movement or just a fan of the Cosmos then this move should excite you, despite the arguments against it.

There are those that will say that this is just a "public relations move". Yes, but it is a damn good one. The news today has not only given global recognition to the Cosmos but it also has been great press for Major League Soccer. He is a "footballing" legend who played for a team that has one of the largest fan bases in the world. Go and watch a Manchester United match with the New York Reds and see the potential number of fans this one move could attract.

Another argument that has been brought up with today's news is that Cantona can not build a stadium. This argument is not only strong but pretty spot on. While the signing today does not move us closer to being a part of Major League Soccer, it has to show the world that the New York Cosmos mean business. Do you think Eric Cantona is cheap? Do you think people would invest this much money into "just a brand"? If your answer is still yes, then think of Cobi Jones. Why would he leave a job at the Los Angelas Galaxy if the Cosmos were not serious? Yes, the stadium plan is still a major question and we are all hoping for more information on it, but should it prevent you from getting excited?

The doubts are understandable, especially for those who have been waiting for the second New York City based MLS team since day one. However, if you need some assurance that things are going in the right direction, just look to some of the more recent news.  

-Terry Byrne mentions working with Wilpons to build a stadium
-Garber mentions stadium plans in NYC
-Garber kisses the ass of the Cosmos group

Do you not see a reason for optimism? There might be history taking place in front of our eyes and fans should start getting involved. You do not need to be interested in joining a supporters group to come down to a Cosmos event and meet fellow fans and the front office. Yes, every Cosmos event that we have attended has had members of the front office available to speak to fans and answer questions.

There is a lot of work still to be done for this group, especially in the stadium department, but for the fans, there is reason to be hopeful. Many groups have tried to bring a team to New York City proper, but none have done so as loudly as the Cosmos have. We all want more stadium news, but don't let it keep you from being excited.